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  1. hawl, there's only gonna be one man-burd there! stop trying to steal my drinks.
  2. Hmmm..... .... REIDS A TIM! captured AM looks alright going by the pics! here's to seeing him between the sticks on Sunday.
  3. Just yourself must remember to wear my sussies and have drink bought for me all night then im no sleeping with any of you cunts tho..
  4. anyone else getting highly suspicious at all these n00bs recently?
  5. Which websites have confirmed it? Muddleboard? Kerryfail Street? hawl u, stop talking to the T*rrier.
  6. just to put this out there.. are we expecting any ladies to attend?
  7. cant believe half you folk are biting at this.
  8. Reid


    unless they wanted pumped on the floor
  9. 3-0, boyd, davis and whittaker
  10. i cant stand the score and sit tight metality either, if we score 1 then we have to push and go for 6. this HAS to be an annhialation, im just not in the mood to be sitting at 1-0 going into the last 10 mins with us sitting in.
  11. Reid


    i reckon theres enough in me to cover all 3 in one go
  12. "on loan, on loan, with greed in your heart. and your only here for cash, youuuuuuuuurrrrr ooonnnnnlllyyy here for cash" GIRFUY.
  13. Goalscorer - Kris Boyd Time Of Goal - 34mins Other Goals - Davis (52), Whittaker (78) Champions - 2 Yellows 0 Reds / Septic - 4 Yellows 0 Red Champions - 5 Corners / Septic = 5 Corners Final Score - Timmy implosion 3-0. we shall not be moved.
  14. whats getting me is the straw that broke the camels back (as it would appear..) is him being attacked. not something he's done (as far as we know) but for being violently assaulted. surely theres something not quite right with that.
  15. not-everyone-know's-the-words-to-it. that's-how-hardly-anyone-joins-in. spacebar fucked?
  16. the problem now is that AM's an easy target. Fuck, the t*rriers have even got a board full of Bears slating the guy and saying he should GTF. Aye he's maybe not the brightest bulb off the park, but between the sticks he's done a job for us, he waited in the shadow of klos/watterus for how long and kept at it until he got the no.1 jersey - surely thats some sort of loyalty to the club? surely its about time we (and the club itself) show some loyalty to him. If (and thats a big if) anything comes of all this carryon then i'll be one of the first to say that he should be hung never mind jailed,
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