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  1. LOL. that would confuse the life outa any 5yo.
  2. surely that cant be racist? we are the only country in the world that cant sing about/celebrate our history without being branded something.
  3. very well put. theres no other way to describe him that whats in bold. when he signed as well i was one whos firsth thought was "what the fuck?" but he's proved me wrong. here's hoping the big yin goes in glory at the end of the season, he deserves it for what he's done for us.
  4. the commentators on that pompey radio said something about his new 2nd team now being Rangers due to the support there, how even though we were losing the fans were still singing and dancing. seemingly the portsmouth fans then applauded the gers fans as well. everyone ive spoke to about it said the atmosphere in general was fantastic for the game it was.
  5. Sorry Reid. no apology needed fella, its worth a repost
  6. i posted this earlier, still lol'd at 10 though.
  7. http://www.fansonline.net/arsenal/article.php?id=423 had to laugh
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