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  1. Reid liked a post in a topic by StewGers in Why are we still singing about the UVF   
    I have never posted before, but felt i had to after the first couple of away games this season.
    I cant get my head round why some fans are still singing about the UVF at Gers games. Dont get me wrong, most fans, including myself have sung these types of songs in the past but there is no place for them anymore.
    This is the start of a new adventure for all Gers fans and we should take this opportunity to rid ourselves of certain songs that do us no favours and have nothing to do with Rangers in the 21st Century.
    Quite simply, dont complain about what the media and certain journalists write about Rangers fans when some fans refuse to let go the stuff that is now simply irrelevant and you know they will pick up on.
    We should be reading about the amazing suppport given to a team in the fourth tier of scottish football and fans who do themselves proud in the way they support their team and not about a small group who refuse to let go of the past.
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