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  1. I’m fairly sure the club have lawyers, and bringing in an extremely expensive criminal defence lawyer with a history of public sectarianism probably wouldn’t be the best approach.
  2. Couple of goals for the road. Thanks for everything, Jermain. Like everyone else in the squad, will forever be a legend.
  3. Getting heavy growlers from the scum on my street for the Tina Turner blaring when I drove home; greeting everytime I think about how much I love this Rangers team man.
  4. Even with Patterson I think we miss Tav the most. Patterson is excellent, but he’s not close to Tav’s level.
  5. Wouldn’t have an issue with it. We should constantly be hoovering up the best young talent in Scotland. Even when they don’t work out we rarely lose much money from them, and you only need one Kamara in a generation to make huge profits.
  6. We had a run of home games around the time of a long period of horrific weather. Pitch was always going to struggle.
  7. If we draw them in the UCL I hope Kemar does their keeper again.
  8. No idea what Alnwick is doing there. There’s a bit of movement in the ball, sure, but his footwork is all over the place.
  9. Still only 21. Plenty of potential there.
  10. I wasn’t selling Barisic! I’d be thrilled if we could sign Doig and loan him back to them tbh.
  11. Somewhere around £1.5m
  12. If the rumoured price for Doig floating around is true I think we should go for it.
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