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  1. Morelos taking a pounding on commentary for being too sportsmanlike proves without a doubt the guy can do no right
  2. Personally I’m a huge fan of Ben Stokes just deciding to tee off in the second innings because he figured Ashwin has him on toast anyway
  3. Honestly if a pitch was as suited to seamers as the last two pitches to spinners umpires would’ve called it unfit and walked off. England got a lot wrong, but there’s no point in them touring India to play on these.
  4. Root the first England captain since Bob Willis to take 5
  5. Joe Root takes career best figures of 5-8 and India are all out for 145.
  6. England all out for 112, and I’d say 6 or 7 of those were batsmen playing for spin and missing a straight one.
  7. Guy’s the literal definition of knowing what it’s all about.
  8. A bit late for him to be worrying about social distancing tbh.
  9. They didn’t have to because they were joining from an existing football bubble.
  10. Shut the fuck up. No one cares about your silly wee tiff.
  11. We’d need to beat Antwerp and then win last 16 tie, but not impossible. We’re 3.2 behind, but we gain 0.5 with every match we win, and there’s a bonus of something like 1.2 if we reach the next round.
  12. I love how there’s now this narrative of how Scotland get their UCL place if Rangers can do enough. As though we’d be letting people down if we didn’t. It would be wrapped up if them across the City weren’t fucking horrendous and didn’t soil themselves on an international stage.
  13. Wouldn’t it be that we need the winner of next season’s UCL to also finish in a qualification spot domestically? Then their league spot drops to the 11th nation.
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