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  1. The possibility of 3-0 losses being awarded wouldn’t kick in because they breach covid regs, it would only kick in if the match was postponed because of covid cases and then they are found guilty of breaching covid regs in the lead up to the postponed game. So if the match is played then there’s no issue. They just play with a weakened team.
  2. I see your point, but I’m open to see where it goes. It’s all a waste of time if Shamrock doesn’t anklelock JR though.
  3. Just make sure you don’t leave it near the letter box, tempting local vagrants to try and stick their hands through the letter box.
  4. That’s a big, big announcement. Fair play to King - his intentions were obviously not what so many were keen to say they were. Easy to be critical - but he took us from the brink, set us up on an excellent platform, and is taking a personal loss on his way out. Done a lot for the club.
  5. Aye we’ll usually stop about there too - and if I’m picking someone up I normally get stopped fine at the petrol station around the corner.
  6. He’s taking a bit longer to settle in, but I don’t think he’s been bad by any sensible description.
  7. Undertaker can do what he likes because he’s the Undertaker. I thought that would be self-explanatory.
  8. Selling Kamara in January would be a ludicrous decision. He’s a crucial part of the title challenge; and will be worth more once he shows off a bit at the Euros in the Summer.
  9. I could do without Bryan taking a suplex onto the apron.
  10. Spot on. I think if you watch back their games they concede a lot of chances through simple passes into the gap Frimpong leaves, forcing Duffy to move wide to cover. The minute Duffy isn’t facing high balls straight on he’s mince.
  11. Can we just not think about Gerrard leaving?
  12. Gullit at Newcastle. Mourinho and Grant at Chelsea. Zola at West Ham. Dalglish at Liverpool.
  13. Approaching 30 He’s just turned 28. Edit: Just saw I’m the 40th person to point this out. I’m not sorry though.
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