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  1. Aye, because Pedro and Warburton done it whilst not challenging for/winning the title.
  2. Performance has been fucking fine outside of a bizarre opening 15 minutes. Get over yourselves.
  3. Morelos is the best worst passer I’ve seen at the club. Guy looks phenomenal right up until he plays about six howlers.
  4. We had to get about 50 things wrong to concede there and somehow managed it…
  5. Club deserve a lot of credit for this coverage btw. Very nicely handling an impossible situation.
  6. Wonder if that’s why Shagger wasn’t in the squad over the weekend. By that stage his closest knew it was a matter of time.
  7. No surprise Roofe is starting with the game being played underwater.
  8. Weather like this gives a chance for young entrepreneurs with dingeys and ponchos to make a fortune.
  9. Exactly like we would have done under Walter. We march forever forward. We’ve a title to win for him.
  10. He’s sacking the fight off for Fury 👀
  11. Absolutely broken by this. Brought us so much joy in the 90s and then when we needed him most he didn’t hesitate to chuck the national team to save us. God has a cardigan waiting for him.
  12. That wee side footer from outside the box at Pittodrie was fucking filth btw.
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