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  1. Some rumblings that the Joe Hart move is dependant on Celtic offering enough money. I think he’d be a decent signing, but honestly they’d be mad to be putting him on big money.
  2. Home leg was a horror show, but the weather was superb that night. Thought I was going to die the next day of alcohol-induced sunstroke.
  3. Soro is fucking awful. He genuinely does nothing but run around fouling.
  4. Hart has played 13 times in two years, combined with his advancing years, makes me wonder if this could turn into a bit of a disaster. In saying that, he’s a good keeper, and he’s very experienced. I’d probably rather they didn’t sign him.
  5. Griffiths must be looking up to Edouard, wondering how he manages to batter a bunch of U21s and somehow get praised for it.
  6. @DBBTB said about 30 seconds after he signed that Itten was going to be a second season player.
  7. Kent’s a fucking fantastic footballer.
  8. Lundstram has old firm hero written all over him btw. He’s going to be a top addition.
  9. Fuck the scoreline, we’re playing some wonderful football here.
  10. Kent topping last season’s rat tail in his ongoing test of Jimmy Bell’s patience.
  11. Goldson would have put that cunt in the club deck if he’d gotten to him.
  12. Very decent performance, this. Certainly getting closer to the level you’d expect in time for the season starting.
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