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  1. If they struggle in October Ange’s stats will make even the likes of Caixinha blush.
  2. Can’t disagree with that tbh. The entire stadium was screaming for subs in the 10 mins before their goal. It wasn’t like they were dominating or anything, we just felt like we had lost control.
  3. I’m not even sure I agree tbh. It cost us that goal, but the way the game was going if it wasn’t that it was going to be something else.
  4. But it’s not why we lost the game. Sit and slate Simpson’s decision all you like, I’m certainly not defending it, but to act like Jack Simpson is why we didn’t win today is a nonsense.
  5. We didn’t drop two points today because of Jack Simpson. We dropped two points today because of how inept we were at making decisions moving forward.
  6. I assume he’s trying to rotate the CBs to reduce chance of injury, and Simpson can’t play in Europe so he’s flung him in today.
  7. Seems there is a growing feeling in our support that we should simultaneously have five first-team CBs but only ever play two of them.
  8. Fashion played well today. Faded in the second half but that was hardly a problem exclusive to him.
  9. “Basically been injured for 18 months” Closer to half that
  10. Atmosphere was good last night until the goal. Even then for the five minutes after was good, gradually died off for the balance of the half.
  11. Stand by it. This move collapsing ruined Kane Hemmings.
  12. If he was done for drink driving in the summer there’s no chance he has his licence back.
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