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  1. Fair enough. Won a European trophy and their second highest win% (behind Ferguson). By no means perfect - but I think a classic Mourinho job where he done well and then it all fell apart at the end.
  2. Finished up that innings with 6-11 (11)
  3. Must have been something, else they surely wouldn’t have sacked him right before a final.
  4. Largely done a very good job at Man Utd IMO.
  5. Seems like every year now another couple of drivers get added because they bring with them millions in funding from their rich families.
  6. Throw them all out of European competitions IMO.
  7. He was great today, but Tav’s still the much better player. Patto is the future.
  8. I fucking love when they miss chances. I get a real fucking buzz from feeling the hurt.
  9. Kamara will be fine. He’s not going to jail for punching a racist.
  10. He’d only be available for selection for each match if they include him in their squad for the tournament. Basically, he either needs the National side to burn a place in their squad to let him serve his ban; or he’ll miss both the Euros and 10 domestic games.
  11. We’re saving twice that when Jimmy Bell retires so can easily afford it.
  12. Technically I think his dog was the tax dodger 🤔
  13. There definitely used to be a Google Sheet that was posted sporadically on the forum but I’m not sure where it lives now.
  14. Was always going to take the best part of a year for him to find any sort of momentum. It’s like footballers - you can train all you like but that match fitness is everything.
  15. Premier Sports get first pick, such is the excellent deal our football association negotiated.
  16. Patterson isn’t even almost as good as Tav. He has all the potential to probably be better than him, but to claim he is already is mental.
  17. Yeah Monaco won it in 2016-17 so PSG signed Mbappe
  18. I’d think Defoe most likely - Arfield has taken a few this season, and Davis has taken loads on NI duty.
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