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  1. Players generally get better as they get older and more experienced.
  2. People also don’t seem to realise quite how young Hagi is, either. He’s younger than the McCrorie brothers ffs!
  3. Who decided that the way to get retribution over was to have them be prolific on Twitter?
  4. Their negotiating position is strengthened on the basis they know we don’t want to wait until next season to have the player though.
  5. This might be the first time in OT history that someone asked for advice and actually got it
  6. Haven’t felt confident about this tie at all since it was drawn.
  7. If they brought in McLean I’d be sounding out Kevin Thomson to see if he’s got one last tackle in him.
  8. Creampuff


    Itten was always going to take time to settle. Not worried about him at all.
  9. Most of our posters only come online and post in short bursts after bad things happen.
  10. The upgrade to the forum came with enhanced jakey-phone compatibility. You’re welcome.
  11. I’ve no idea why people think we need to add a horrible bastard into the midfield when we have 70% possession. We need creativity.
  12. Stories like that always make me laugh. How on Earth would the Sun get that sort of information? All the well-places sources they have in Lille’s hierarchy?
  13. This Otis feud with Miz and Morrison is absolutely, painstakingly, horrendously bad. They’ve lost any semblance of plot, Otis doesn’t seem to care about his MITB contract, and no one ever wrestles.
  14. Take sasssaaaa with you.
  15. Nah, the Dutch sides with plastic pitches are Heracles Almelo, PEC Zwolle, Excelsior, ADO Den Haag, Roda JC and Sparta Rotterdam
  16. Arfield’s been good off the bench recently, glad here’s there for the inevitable scrap with Jack missing. I know we’re missing two of our best, but Christ we’re short a midfielder.
  17. Am I the only one who’s gonna be absolutely gutted when we finally concede a goal? Even it we’re 10-0 up when it happens, I’ll be devastated.
  18. Ooft there’s my notifications back 🍆
  19. How successful it is remains to be seen, but Bale in that Spurs team is a whole different proposition for the team defending against them. Even close to his best, Bale-Kane-Son is amongst the best frontline in the league.
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