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  1. Spot on. I think if you watch back their games they concede a lot of chances through simple passes into the gap Frimpong leaves, forcing Duffy to move wide to cover. The minute Duffy isn’t facing high balls straight on he’s mince.
  2. Can we just not think about Gerrard leaving?
  3. Gullit at Newcastle. Mourinho and Grant at Chelsea. Zola at West Ham. Dalglish at Liverpool.
  4. Approaching 30 He’s just turned 28. Edit: Just saw I’m the 40th person to point this out. I’m not sorry though.
  5. Same as the movie thread, but with TV shows. What are you watching now? What's the best TV show of all time?
  6. Can't see past Chelsea for the League. Blackpool, Westbrom and Newcastle to go down.
  7. Is jailbait really jailbait if it's F*nian? Surely if Preists can beast an underager I can too..
  8. I am shite, I can accept it though - because I'm the best in the world. And yes, the players, Larsson, the club the fans and the charities all touch children - you're catching up! I'm a student. I'm gonnie throw cabbages at the Nazi-Fiddler's head.
  9. I wasn't comparing McCoist to Smith, but I presume you understood that, but since it didn't suit your argument, chose to ignore it. You say that for every little-experienced success like Smith, there's 10 Shearer's and Lennon's - but Shearer and Lennon had litle/no experience in coaching. McCoist has been Smith's assistant for a few years now, and has been groomed for this job. Have a little fucking faith.
  10. You hope you win, so you post it in here, where it beings it everyone's attention
  11. Both of whom has little/no coaching experience. Ally's been Walter's little protege for years.
  12. They give to charities, they all touch children or blow up their schools. Most of my cousins are knobs, why would you be any different?
  13. There's still tons left in public sale. Rangersgary, why you selling your Season Ticket?
  14. 1) Celtic are shite - everything associated with them is shite. 2) You're shite - everything associated with you is shite. 3) You're wrong. 4) Fuck You. 5) TYPING IN CAPITAL LETTERS DOES NOT MAKE YOUR POINT ANY MORE VALID.
  15. Walter Smith builds a team to play predominately defensive football. McCoist wants to play more attacking football. You see where the problem occurs?
  16. I wouldn't judge Ally on his Cup Performances - it's Ally playing with a team he didn't build.
  17. There is not one player from that mob, in their history, that I would have been glad to see in a Rangers shirt. That's not simply due to the fact they played for them, it's just because pure and simple, Celtic aren't good enough.
  18. Man U (A) - Draw (1) Bursaspor (H) - Win (3) Valencia (H) - Win (3) Valencia (A) - Win (3) Man U (H) - Win (3) Bursapor (A) - Loss [We'll already be through so we'll just play the youngsters and give them a headstart]
  19. Don't intend to listen to it, he's a ponce.
  20. Wish I was going, it's on my birthday as well, any Bears fancy giving me a present?
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