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  1. ive heard the barstaff are all tits All tits as in they're all useless or as in they're all birds with cracking chests??
  2. For a right back with, what, 11 goals? I'd agree.
  3. I wouldn't call that unreasonable, big Davie's still cashing cheques and breaking necks.
  4. Not got a clue mate. Only been to about 6 or 7 this year now that I'm a poor fucker. Went to a good few last year though whenever my uncle couldnt make it, he's got a season ticket for the GR, good view.
  5. Just out of interest, and maybe for a bit of fun, I thought I'd post this. Write in the MINIMUM amount you would accept from any club, regardless of status, for each player. I'm not posting my prices because... well, I'm shit with that kind of thing. Also, let me know if you think this was at least an interesting idea or not, so I know whether or not to do something similar in the future. # - Player - Price 1 - Allan McGregor - 2 - Maurice Edu - 3 - Davie Weir - 5 - Sasa Papac - 6 - Lee McCulloch - 7 - Steven Davis - 8 - Kevin Thomson - 9 - Kris Boyd - 10 - Nacho Novo - 14 - Steven Na
  6. I still hold a record of never been to a game where Rangers have lost, so who's fucking buying my season ticket for next year?
  7. Last time I seen Tuffey was when Thistle drew with Clyde, Tuffey fluffed it a peach and basically let the ball roll right past him. Why would we need a replacement keeper when Neil Alexander's keeping his arse warm on the bench every week? He's a great keeper, definitely as good as McGregor and more consistent in my opinion.
  8. Hardest - Thai Lung from Kung Fu Panda. Easiest - Probably someone from Metal Gear Solid or some other immature game like that.
  9. Was clearing out my room for a new shelving unit and found a bunch of old games, including the first ever Silent Hill, which is still, in my opinion, the shit-scariest game ever. After the game tonight I think I'll stick it on my PS2 and see if it's still as scary as it was 11 years ago.
  10. A while back someone posted a video they'd made of Rangers clips to the tune of Feeder's 'We Are The People.' I wanted to show it to a mate but I can't find it, anyone help me out?
  11. I was re-watching yesterday's game and I noticed again that Hugh Murray was shouting 'Fucking shite' or 'Fucking prick' over his shoulder as he was being subbed, but it doesn't show who he was shouting at, and I'm not even sure what he had to shout about as he was the one being an absolute dick through the majority of the game. So was anyone at the game who has a good idea of who he was shouting at and for what exactly?
  12. I think he definitely deserves some recognition for what he's done for the club but the problem with naming a stand or tier after him is that there's only very few of them, and people will start saying that if Walter gets one then there should be one for Struth or Souness or Moses McNeil. Personally I don't think any other Rangers manager rates as high as Walter but you know how people are. I think maybe one of the nice function suites inside Ibrox should be named after Walter, I think that's a nicer commemoration.
  13. Lol, yeah, I did it. So your a tattoo artist! If you have of some of your work there was a thread in General Talk (Off Topic) for Tattoos somewhere Cool, I'll have a look. Cheers mate.
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