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  1. Watching young Rossiter last night reminds me of Lee Cattermole. I think he will undoubtedly be a better player in the fullness of time , but the way he shut down the opposition and snapped in to tackles reminded me of him.
  2. Where Messi and Ronaldo grab the headlines for the amount of goals they score, anyone else think Iniesta is the best player in the world /europe in his position. A joy to watch.
  3. Did I hear correctly there ? Sutton had just said Rangers would bite your hand off right now to sign Kane Hemming !!!!! Aye ok Chris , cos he's better than Waghorn, Miller , O'Halloran, McKay , King . Jog on big man ya numpty
  4. I was also a wee bit surprised to see Holt subbed , but in this present set up you are not getting taken off as a result of playing under par or tiring, but more for the new player/players coming on to maintain or increase the tempo being played. Again Warburton's philosophy which lets be truthful has worked perfectly so far.
  5. chic

    Shin Pads

    Looking at recent pictures of first team at training and noticed that all players now wearing shin pads. I can only assume this is another one of Mark Warburton's implimentations since arriving. Again so much more professional than running around with ankle socks on like a good number of the squad did last couple of years.
  6. Davie Weir , Neil Alexander, Coisty, Walter. I have heard many post match interviews over the years , but every one of these today were absolutely superb. All spoke very well , full of emotional and pride. If ever a message needed to be sent out for the rest of the season , each one let everyone else know, the season end is nigh and one thing is for certain ,we are right up for it, so bring it on. Magnificent.
  7. Nike NEVER provide kit to two major clubs from any country, fact.
  8. Can't believe the negativity, ok wish we got pumped 3-0 so that you could have an even better go at The Rangers. Get a grip and start getting behind the team.
  9. Tomorrows rhecord has back page headline reading, rangers deal near collapse.Viewed this on F.F forum which carried a picture of tomorrows paper. Hope not, this is really getting ridiculous now.
  10. I couldn't care less . Bougherra played less games than Danny Wilson, and he missed a good few games. Take the money if it get's offered, players like before come and go, we are Glasgow Rangers , no player is bigger than the club. We have a tendencey to unearth a gem who can play in that depatment of the team, so if Wilson OR/AND Boogie leave , we will survive.
  11. Having just read with interest of the imminent takeover bids for Man Utd and Arsenal, surely the time is right for some announcement regarding our supposed bid. Big DJ said with interest the other night that news should break soon ,but he believes that it won't be the Ellis bid that will come to the fore. I just think that should we be successful over the next couple of games , what better time to deliver some positive news with regards the long term stability of the club.
  14. NIKE do not supply to the two biggest clubs from any city. With the tattie munchers wearing nike , we can forget about them. Personally I would go for adidas but wouldn't be dissapointed with puma. One point though , whoever brokers the deal must bring a better deal than the present one.
  15. Troops, let's condense this episode that they are attemting to create. We as supporters of our team ,and the players who play for our team will overcome.
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