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  1. Wasn’t it McCoist and Durrant who were arrested? Certainly what Super says.
  2. Least he’s no annoyed ye anyway
  3. Needing one. Holla at me.
  4. Heard some really good things about it now after an awful start. I tend to look at IGN’s reviews, and a couple of other YouTubers pre purchase. £20 on PS Store.
  5. Will have a look into it and see if there’s any deals. I’ve got the digital PS5 (one I wanted tbf) so need to buy off the store.
  6. Never played any of them bro.
  7. Thanks very much for that mate. I’ve waited this long, so I’m sure an extra few months won’t hurt. The two games I was buzzing for the most were this and Valhalla. 31 hours into the latter and I’ve encountered a bug that’s game breaking. Beeling
  8. I have a PS5 already mate.
  9. Ideal. Means you’ll hopefully shut the fuck up about the ‘usual faces’ getting tickets then.
  10. I couldn’t grasp the Cat thing yesterday, so cheers for clearing it up mate Whats the whole story then? Do they just not see eye to eye with one another?
  11. He had a proper barney on Twitter yesterday with somecunt digging him up for the Newsquest thing. Edit - original tweet added for context. Big lassies
  12. With Cyberpunk being available on PS Store again, has anyone went back to it? Bugs were pretty awful from what I seen when it was taken off. Desperate to play it, but promised myself I’d wait until it was ready
  13. You have to purchase it. It’s not like CCCS.
  14. That’s a fucking disgrace.
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