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  1. I would pay to watch the shithousery, nothing more.
  2. He’s a Rangers man. Fuck sake where to start with this.
  3. Fuck sake Lighten up ya greeting faced cunt.
  4. Cheers for that Derek Acorah.
  5. Fair play. Still canny stand him.
  6. Heard he was going to the fenians. He is a rabid taig... surely not?
  7. Second good player to go there who would surely have had better options elsewhere. Nainggolan done the same.
  8. Wrong match. 3-0 at Parkhead was in the league. We were also 2-1 up at half time against 10 men in the cup tie. We lost that replay 1-0.
  9. Honking. Fucked off as soon as the third went in and got home via public transport. What a fucking horrible mistake that was.
  10. Yeah, it was. However, I highlighted Kyle Bartley's name in bold.
  11. We lost 3-0 that day. Fucking hell.
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