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  1. Lost my father a couple of years ago in tragic circumstances. He always told me the day would come, and I’m not ashamed to admit there were points where I really doubted his belief. We’re within touching distance, Old Boy.
  2. Toasting to someone very close to me I lost along the way, who assured me that we would manage to do it, with my face soaked in tears
  3. Took the cunts to school. The shithousery from the Lazio bench was a joy to behold at the end. Really feared a pumping tonight, so even more delighted than usual. Zaniolo wearing a blue hoodie as well in the stand
  4. The same Livingston who have won the last 8 games in all competitions?
  5. Get King Ciro in there son. Would defo do the Milinkovic Savic SBC as well. Can you tell I like Lazio ?
  6. You on PS? Obv Gerrard and Rashford swap in game. Neymar is ridiculous. Rashford is first owner from a pre order rare gold pack
  7. @born a blue nose would 100% be into that.
  8. Couple of times I’ve seen you using this oneupmanship tone with your posts regarding McGregor. What McGregor and the rest done in 2012 was a rat stunt. No question. Is he on his way to making up for that? Yes.
  9. You seem to see it a lot with goalkeepers too, I feel. Wanting young prospects to be a number two. Fuck that.
  10. Never get why people come away with this sort of thing regarding younger players. What kind of development is he going to gain by minutes here and there? He needs to be playing as much as possible.
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