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  1. Exactly mate. Easy to say these things when you're behind a computer screen.
  2. No one likes players like black, unless he plays for your team. I'd have him.
  3. I reckon he'd be a brilliant signing. Fairly under-rated IMO.
  4. Epl: Vorm Richards Kompany Collocini Assou-Ekotto Toure Tiote Silva Rooney Mata RVP Europe: Cassilas Lahm Kompany T.Silva Marcelo Ronaldo Xavi Boateng Kerkar Messi Ibrahimovic
  5. Hmm. That wouldn't be very fair to genuine bears though.
  6. What a bunch of fannies. What do they think they'll accomplish by doing shit like that?
  7. The update is a load of shite!
  8. I went from believing in him, to being unsure, and now I don't believe in him at all. He seems like a complete coward.
  9. How embarassing would it be for them if they threw it away.
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