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  1. Sorry about that game Braggy. My guy is like a snail. I need a bit of practice i think!
  2. anyone coming on now?
  3. Can you accept me braggy? Psn is Gers-Bear.
  4. You have 3 goalies, 0 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 5 forwards. I'll play CB permanently if you guys want?
  5. You guys have a pretty good scoring record! Winning by a clear 5 or 6 goals!
  6. I've requested to join. Not played clubs for ages!
  7. 89 at cb if that helps any? 4 specialities, Aerial threat, tackling, tactician and complete defender.
  8. Can I play again? Got my guy up to about 87ish. As a striker that is!
  9. I've relocated to cb by the way. overall is 84.
  10. I requested to join, but it said it was over the limit.
  11. Can you send me an invite please? I've no played clubs for a few weeks and It says I'm not with yous anymore.
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