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  1. Exactly mate. Easy to say these things when you're behind a computer screen.
  2. No one likes players like black, unless he plays for your team. I'd have him.
  3. I reckon he'd be a brilliant signing. Fairly under-rated IMO.
  4. Epl: Vorm Richards Kompany Collocini Assou-Ekotto Toure Tiote Silva Rooney Mata RVP Europe: Cassilas Lahm Kompany T.Silva Marcelo Ronaldo Xavi Boateng Kerkar Messi Ibrahimovic
  5. Hmm. That wouldn't be very fair to genuine bears though.
  6. What a bunch of fannies. What do they think they'll accomplish by doing shit like that?
  7. The update is a load of shite!
  8. I went from believing in him, to being unsure, and now I don't believe in him at all. He seems like a complete coward.
  9. I'm embarassed people like you ''support'' our team.
  10. How embarassing would it be for them if they threw it away.
  11. Brilliant reading that so many people, from many different clubs care so much.
  12. I really want to, but I can't do it.
  13. And what exactly did he do for Rangers?
  14. :McGregor: :Whittaker: :Edu: :Davis: :Aluko: :mervan: :Wylde: :Healy:
  15. Lost a lot of confidence in Whyte today.
  16. Ended up voting Edu. Was a tough choice between him and Aluko though. Both have been a differnet class!
  17. Difficult to choose, but I went with Aluko.
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