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  1. I saw in another post that i could pm a member as they had a few spares but i wasn't sure if i was already getting tickets and now ive been told im out of luck for them desperate for 2 tickets if the person with spares has any left? Cheers
  2. Ea is a joke! Just been disconnected like 5 games in a row!
  3. Im just on if anyone wants a couple?
  4. Just played 6 games, scoring 5 hat trick against they dublin guys sadly not won any yet though
  5. I had 11-1-2 record with about 1200 skill points, now im at 0-0-2 with 146 skill points! Gutted If you go to career results all your wins are still there aswell
  6. im still interested .. Jamie-1690
  7. Aye we played good mate , although it says i still havnt played done think the win counted?
  8. Make a playlist with all the rangers ones together then when you see default press X and then view playlists should work from there i think mate
  9. TBB http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaKcGu-jXXc Super Rangers Hope they help mate
  10. hard group mate :O .. I beat Besiktas 3-1 , then i drew 1-1 with Real Madrid with a 84min goal from a corner with big Lee getting the head on it
  11. My pro is at about 80 now i think for upfront, he goes down to about 76 for midfield though, I should be on tonight if anyones on
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