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  1. its not true so don't get to worked up. he is taking the piss.
  2. take it your banned from there, thats why your on here instead!!!!!!!!!!
  3. if buts and maybes, face facts we were shite today.
  4. hi hope you enjoy this site you will have fun. tell me one thing mate why is it that redknapp seems to prefere corluka to hutton?.
  5. how good the most succesful club in the world sounds. never get bored hearing that.
  6. i know he is coming back from a long lay off but how unmobile did beattie look tonight. should of had the 3 pts in the bag and then be seeded in the draw on the 17th december, really gutted even though we got an away draw in the champs league.
  7. keith jackson was on the radio tonight talking about this, think he said it would be in the record tomorrow morning.
  8. think it has to by prso, if he had pace to burn he would of been up there with the very best in europe. watching him on the coach on the way back from the hibs game at the end of the season after we won the league was fantastic leading the sing song. a true rangers great.
  9. would be a great signing if he was willing to come to the spl.
  10. just go for it as we have nothing to lose, play beattie and miller and lets have a real go.
  11. used to love boyd but he can fuck off, the grass is green and all that. want miller to stay and sign a new contract.
  12. just got the old shiver down the spine watching that again, never get bored watching whitts mazey in the last minute. never get the credit the players deserve all people think of from the 2008 euro run is the trouble in manchester at the final.
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