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  1. Gilks Tav Wilson Hill Wallace Kranjcar Halliday Holt MOH/Dodoo Miller Forrester Waggy and McKay should be nowhere near the first 11. Miller has to play. Id have considered dropping Rossiter straight in and playing 4-2-3-1 but he won't change the formation.
  2. Wonder how many who do support Scotland would tell the celtic/hibs/aberdeen/dundee united/hearts etc fans that they were a Rangers fan when they go to see the trannies? Honestly, after everything, I can't believe our fans still pay to see that shower of shite and sit/stand shoulder to shoulder with the fans that tried to kill our club. Fuck Scotland and SFA FC.
  3. Sure I'd seen a stat saying he'd started 18 professional games and has scored 13.
  4. Wes Hodson Wilson Hill Wallace Halliday Forrester Holt Windass Waghorn Garner Tav should be dropped after Aberdeen, whether it was a free kick or not his positioning for both goals cost us. Waghorn only plays instead of O'Halloran because it is pointless to put him in the team as he'll never start, He'll be away in January IMO. McKay for Windass if he isn't fit.
  5. StuartM6


    Too slow, we need our midfield to dominate at aberdeen, he won't do that. Holt, Halliday and Windass please ??
  6. Wes Tav Wilson Hill Wallace Holt Halliday Windass MOH Waghorn Forrester Team pretty much picks itself now. Bit harsh on Garner, would also prefer Rossiter to Halliday but can't see him being dropped straight into this. Harsh on Hodson as well who had a great game last night.
  7. Lie detector tests for everyone!
  8. Wes Tavernier Wilson Hill Hodson Windass Rossiter Holt MOH Garner Forrester
  9. 'No Children Were Harmed In The Making Of Our Club' 'We Know Our Place. 54 League Titles - World Record' Or a giant traditional black and red sock. They'll go off the nut at the connotations to that one.
  10. Foderingham Tavernier Bates Wilson Wallace Forrester Rossiter Windass Waghorn Garner MOH McKay, Kiernan, Senderos, Kranjcar & Barton need dropped.
  11. Got one for this and was at Motherwell but didn't get one for Dundee. Presume I'll be getting the 2nd OF game then?
  12. I keep changing my mind on the starting 11. Is Windass fit? Looks like he'll be one of our most important players this season.
  13. I do. I think we'll sort the defence sooner rather than later. With Kranjcar and Barton still to hit full fitness, along with Rossiter to get more game time. Our midfield looks strong and will be far more protection for the CB's than Halliday was last year. Getting another striker in will only help the front line but I'd be confident that we've got enough goals from the front 3 and from guys like Windass. The main reason I think we will is because we've been written off by everyone already, before a ball has even been kicked in the league. They will all massively underestimate the quality we have in the squad and Mr Warburton will punish that. The Motherwell game is really the only bearing we have to go from in pre-season. Bar the first 20 minutes losing the game never crossed my mind. Even at only one nil, I never felt like we looked in danger of losing. Besides, how great can this league really be if the "champions" got beat by a non league team from Gibraltar? Optimistic Loyal
  14. no he doesn't. He consistently gives the ball away. Watch him. He tries the same pass into the middle of the park and it is nearly always cut out. Fortunately for him Clint Hill is honking and he'll start by default.
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