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  1. You my friend are staunch and talk a lot of sense!!!
  2. Aye believe or not that’s how we fucking rolled in the 90’s son we lead the football retail industry and know we are busy taking it up the arse from Hummel and Ashley. The board are like the players fucking workshy!
  3. Hummel fucking hummel well folks we have finally turned into the dog and duck!! Fucking glorified pub team just shows us where our brand has went down the fucking toilet. If you get the likes of Adidas, Nike, Under armour you can sell quality gear with the logo on it. Tracksuits, trainers, jeans, training gear, golfing gear, running gear, boots, jumpers etc and even gives us a strip that can be wash more than 10 times without it being fucked. I thought Mike Ashley was gone fucking hummel my local juniors team said fuck of to Hummel
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