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  1. 5 Stars removed due to possible loss of history?
  2. Sorry i'm pumped up for tomorrow.......but who the hell is gonna get us goals?? I think we should play Mcculloch up front with clear instructions to put himself about their back four. What dyou think?
  3. The 2 new Rangers names that were registered in London around 6 months ago... what were the titles again? Now if i remember right Whyte denied any involvement in it, but with his constant bullshitting recently. Could registering these 2 names be a sign that Liquidation was the plan all along?
  4. Am sick of this, Whittaker has been outstanding since he's came to Rangers. This is his first bad season FFS
  5. No Tim here i'm afraid for all you doubters. Former season ticket holder for 10 years in the main stand. I love how people here mock me for suggesting Calderwood yet go on to say they want big Terry Butcher. Yes Terry Butcger would be a good choice but Calderwood has been a more successful manager. Plus a pal of mine played for Dunfermline and said that Calderwood and Jimmy Nichol's management,training methods etc...were spot on. And plus he's a big proddy!
  6. Well mock me if you want i think its a good shout! Lets face it Billy Davies would'nt touch the job now.
  7. After looking at Allys body language yesterday i think he just cant seem to motivate these players, sadly i thik Ally is more suited to being a number 2. SO..... If we have to replace Ally it wpuld have to be with somone that would'nt command a high wage, thats used tae working with no money and loves the club..... I'd go for Jimmy Calderwood..... Would be perfect for us. Could'nt do any worse surely? opinions on this please?
  8. Was a great player for us second time round....how we miss him now big time.
  9. Shagger Wallace Boca Bartley Whittaker Davis McCulloch Edu Aluko Papac Jelavic
  10. Can someone please upload the Rangers Xbox 360 one in the proper size?
  11. I have both..... PES is better for Offline play Fifa is better for Online play simples
  12. Can anyone shed any light on how hes doing in turkey? Havent heard a fecking thing?
  13. Played the demo loads and liked it but hearing mixed reports on how the full game is. I only wanna buy it for 1 v 1 online, is the lag okay on it. Kinda pissed off with Fifa this year, played about 40 games and won about 5, the defending is murder. Everyone keeps scoring the same goal, weaving left and right past your defence and hitting a diagonal shot across the goalkeeper, its doing my head in.
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