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  1. He is, playing a couple cup games a season never helps ..let's not start blaming the keeper, leave that to the mhanky mob
  2. wouldnt go that far but he is a good player with a good engine
  3. aye its annoying as fuck, majority of posters nowadays seem to be out to prove someone wrong or disagree with them...fkin yaaawn
  4. 50/50 on this tbh, talented player but I have doubts he can make the step up
  5. Who he? Need help typing mate?
  6. Love how well mccoist has been keeping us up to date on what's happening, less keeping us in the dark the better..
  7. fuck having a conversation with you down the pub
  8. yo numbnuts you fit and playing tomorrow?

  9. Is rather lose him for 0 in the summer with him having helped us to the treble,than now for 600k
  10. why do you lot watch this shite, if you clearly hate it
  11. well done lads, same again at the weekend and we will pump the tims
  12. just got told off a very reliable source that he is croatian and names starts with a j
  13. second average player signed from burnley, not worth it imo
  14. I agree, he was a better player before the injury, and showed nothing in the Play-Offs. First McCulloch tackle to the knee should do the trick thats thomsons job!
  15. dropped to 10 in the itunes, will never beat usher anyway
  16. that team should have been the one that played norway and we wouldnt be in this mess, take out nais for mcfadden though(for the norway game i mean) anyone else going tonight?
  17. Heard that also...what did steven fletcher do wrong to be dropped,thought he done well 2nd half... team .........gordon hutton weir mcmanus whittaker .............caldwell................... ....brown fletcher maloney..... ...........miller s fletcher......... good team except caldwell. id have hartley or even gavin rae in there instead think caldwell in there would let whits and hutton get forward alot more, hartley goes missing too much for a DM imo and rae isnt good enough. and i would be dropping fletch for naismith and for him to play free role like has been doing on occas
  18. why not? he is incredably fit and has done this all his life
  19. danny boy cant wait to see him in action, will be a major boost to our european nights
  20. 71, and all time 3rd top scorer for the national team with 34 goals
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