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  1. Ach, there's been a bit of sabre rattling from both - including in this release but clearly negotiations continue so another few days shouldn't hurt. You'd expect everything to be in order with regard to the paperwork and legalities so pressure is now on McColl to push forwards. If he doesn't then he looks weak.
  2. I only see one blogger using bizarre terms to describe fellow fans in his articles. Quite the diatribe in defence of Jack Irvine. Salem Loyal McColl devotees Ringmasters Frenzied mob Nancy Boy Loyal Hissy fit Thought Police Dogma Daft wee laddies and drama queens
  3. Bugger - he didn't use sheeple. Almost had the full house as well...
  4. I don't disagree that the person is driven by a hatred of our club - no doubt about it. Which is why I want them investigated and I'm stunned more hasn't been made of their supposed 'whistle-blowing'. Nevertheless, CF are hardly going to hold up their hands (I suspect, like RTC, it's more than one person) and say this is where we got them for proof. In any event, more often than not what they've released has been pointless and largely ignored but occasionally there are documents of note which have either been picked up for discussion on here, the mainstream media and/or actioned by Rangers F
  5. I like to think the best of people mate so maybe I am being generous. However, as I said in the article, if Jim wants the support of shareholders then he'll need to be a lot clearer than he has been so far. And, I'm sure the investors that asked him to 'front' their requisition won't be as generous as any of us when examining his plans. I'm glad people disagree. Would be a boring place if we didn't. I just prefer people do so respectfully which you've done.
  6. 1. No, I do think he'd be able to draw the line. And I'd want him to because I want to the club run properly not laden with debt because a fan can't separate ambition from realism. 2. I think he's reluctant because he knows that football investment isn't one that is going to make him money. As such, it may affect his other businesses so he may have previously been keen to avoid possible adverse publicity should a McColl run Rangers be unsuccessful. 3. I don't have complete trust in anyone and I don't think my article implies that anywhere. What my editorial stance was, was one of examinati
  7. No solid evidence I'm afraid but clearly the content is genuine or the media wouldn't be using it when it suited them. Moreover, the club has had some content removed as well via legal means and the police are supposedly investigative. I do find the whole thing rather interesting though. Like I said before, I cannot understand why there's not been more of an outcry on this. It's a disgrace.
  8. I'm afraid it wasn't as simple as that and I believe TRS and JCS are more than happy to move on in that respect. We certainly won't be discussing private website business on an open forum such as this. You never know who may be posting under what alias or IP proxy...
  9. I detailed most of my opinions on McColl here: http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest-news/155-mccoll-the-messiah-some-key-questions
  10. And I appreciate your opinion but, once again, just because we don't have a 'fully' contrary opinion as opposed to intelligent, constructive criticism of all involved doesn't mean we're not objective. It just means we've not had someone prepared to step up. In any case, I doubt we could afford Bill's services nowadays...
  11. That's a question that some won't answer. Including the club's board it seems. Essentially he's here to run the board's PR campaign ahead of what seems to be a likely EGM.
  12. I think some people use the personalities to automatically assume an opposing opinion. McMurdo or Graham says sugar so I'll say sh!te. When in fact, what we should be doing is debating the message rather than the messenger. That would offer a more moderate position as I discussed above and I'd contend that middle ground is where our fans are rather than pro or anti anything else. Ignoring any contribution just because person A or B said it, is disingenuous.
  13. Well, that's the evidence you've been able to cite. There may be some critics elsewhere and I hope there is. I welcome criticism and debate - always have done - as long as it's constructive and impersonal. TRS welcome all contributions. That much is obvious.
  14. Chris slags off people that appear obsessed by him. A waste of both their time. Some people want to spend all their time moaning about the personalities involved - I'll concentrate on the issues at hand. What you do is up to you.
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