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  1. The league is far from over. We have two games in hand. And i'm sure they still have a couple of difficult away ties not to mention two games against us. There is still alot of twists and turns left in the league.
  2. this actually made me laugh. but walter does know what he is doing.
  3. can st mirren not play the replay this week? or is it too short notice?
  4. i am happy that he is staying for the moment. however, am not going to say he's still going to be here come the end of january. i know they are different players but i remember alan hutton rejected spurs when they first came in for him and by the end of the month he had signed with them. i dont see this being the end of the miller transfer saga.
  5. I know he's due back for the game against Hamilton. but it sometimes take players a while to get back to what they were before injury. its very rarely a player comes back from 4 months out and starts where they left off.
  6. I understand where you are coming from but i cant see lafferty scoring 20 goals. Jelavic will take time to get to full fitness again.
  7. I still believe but its a knock to our title bid. Miller has 21 league goals this season so far. So who is gonna score?
  8. I agree. This is a huge risk. We are weakening our team at a vital part of the season. And there is not guarantee of anyone coming in. How many times are we linked with players? and how many times do we get these players? Worried about out title challenge now.
  9. Yeah i think he is. He is scoring goals at dundee utd in a team that is so poor this season. the step up will only bring him on further.
  10. amazing. goals will always come, the same thing was said about Boyd. Lafferty will now get a chance in his proper position to show what he can do.
  11. Gotta say i am gutted. We need to get someone in soon. I think he will be missed throughout the team. But i respect him in the sense that he could have done a boyd and said ive no made up my mind. but we are getting a fee for him and am guessing goodwillie wont be on anywhere near the same wages as miller so we will be saving money.
  12. Why would you move Naismith from the position where he has been playing his best football since signing for us? If Miller goes and it takes us a few weeks to sign Goodwillie or whoever, Lafferty and Jelavic will play upfront.
  13. It's all good saying yeah that's a decent price for Miller and Goodwillie has been lined up as the replacement. But he's been lined up, nothing has been agreed. Its been reported a bid as been rejected for Goodwillie already. It would just be like us to let Miller go and likely not get Goodwillie. I hope this is not true but. Miller will be missed and I am gutted that he is going.
  14. I will be renewing mines no matter what. It's rangers that I go to see play anyway. My uncle gave up his seat and he still regrets it. You could actually see how much he regrets it when we leave for big games. No matter what I will renew my season ticket.
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