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  1. Not one of your ITK posts have ever came through
  2. Gaz will punch fuck out of you if you've got the baws to meet him before the next home game.
  3. His tackle was the one thing this Rangers midfield lacks more than anything else. Say what you want about him but he's a bastard who'll go into a tackle like that while our players are shitebags who inspire fuck all around them Every team could do with a Souness in the middle
  4. You not have a good enough view from your seat in the Broomloan?
  5. I can assure you you are talking pish. i've met him when hes been following rangers at home and abroad so youre talking out of your arse. he might not be good enough but hes no tim arse licker and he is 100% a massive blue nose so have a word with yourself. amazing how we lose and suddenly EVERYTHING about our players gets slaughtered, fucking turn it in
  6. Maybe they're calling for him to play based on every cunt else has been shite and he deserves a chance in the team? Naw? He wasn't pish at St Johnstone btw Your mind is made up on him for obvious reasons then you have the cheek to say yer no picking on him Geez peace ya fanny
  7. no doubt you'll find a reason to drop MOH. Your imaginary source will inform ye him and his da were listening to the rebs and singing FTQ on the way to Ibrox
  8. Brilliant player, massive cheat tho.
  9. Slim Jim and Stefan Klos entered my head first.
  10. Possibly mate. I think his personality is what makes him such a legend mind you. Imagine the dressing room with him and Ally, the stories must be hilarious.
  11. Thought he was good technically. Elegant on the ball.
  12. Good shout with Laudrup at #1. Best Rangers player ever! Honourable mention to Gazza as well. Legend.
  13. I'm 20. Is that too young to remember Zidane doing absolutely nothing of note in the 1998 World Cup up until the final yet many people seem to think he was amazing that tournament. He wasn't. He was pish in Euro 96 as well. You're acting like it's absurd and ridiculous to suggest that Pele and Maradona were better than Zizou. The exact hyperbole that surrounds Zinedine Zidane from his fans. Me and my YouTube clips lol. You're bringing up a few examples where I posted a YouTube video in a debate. Is that illegal? Do you lose all credibility the moment you post a YouTube video? Mats Hummels i
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