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    Heavy Rain

    Heavy Rain along with Red Dead Redemption were the two best games of the year. RDR is the better of the two, imo. One of the best games I've ever played!
  2. Porto are unstoppable this year. They've got one hand on the trophy already imo.
  3. I imagine Silva is being rested for Saturday... Probably City's biggest game for decades.
  4. Who do the Roma fans prefer? Totti or De Rossi? Probably Totti because he's been there longer but De Rossi is top notch and would die for the shirt just as much as Totti would.
  5. Nice to see Sheva doing well. One of the best strikers I've ever seen in his Milan days.
  6. Cappa

    FIFA 11

    I am the FIFA king. My football is just absolutely stunning. When I'm on form I'm unbeatable. I will not allow any of you to play me though, you are not worthy! That ultimate team is fucking infuriating. I've just started so I'm lumped with big fat wanks at the back against teams with the likes of Eto'o. Fucking Usain Bolt would struggle catching him in FIFA. Don't really know how the UT works yet. The only players in my team worth mentioning are; Huntelaar, Thomas Muller, Toni Kroos, Igor Akinfeev and Benedikt Howedes from Schalke.
  7. Cappa

    Fifa 11 Clubs (PS3)

    Papa is the virtual Yaya Toure.
  8. Cappa

    Fifa 11 Clubs (PS3)

    I'm not the team manager lads, I stepped down to spend some time with the grandkids and that so I can't make any comment. Life was too stressful as manager, as Braggy will know!
  9. Cappa

    Fifa 11 Clubs (PS3)

    Me and my gay lover are starting up our team again. Anybody that's not got a club want to join? Ye need to be dedicated though or we'll smoke yo ass.
  10. God definitely exists. He just goes by the name Lionel these days...
  11. Dempsey is shite, as is Torres. That's Chelsea definitely out of the title race now. 50 million well spent, I'd say!
  12. Tevez is on fire. Shame he plays for them though.
  13. Tough group mate. You'll surely be in Europe one way or another after Christmas though. Absolutely choking to start a new game but I'll wait until the update. Fuck keeps them so long?
  14. Bought the DVD the other week, just finished it. Fucking hilarious. Some of Karl's lines are absolute genius.
  15. Would like to see it happen but I think he'll be told at the end of the season that he isn't required at City any more and he'll be up for grabs. Will we be able to compete with the other teams who'll obviously be interested? I doubt it. If City are willing to loan him out again then he'll be here again. :weiss:
  16. Cappa

    Fifa 11 Clubs (PS3)

    My internet has been gash the past few days, we been playing/winning any games?
  17. Valencia's best player was on the park. Juan Mata. The journo is probably referring to Ever Banega who's a cracking player but wasn't fully fit. They never disrespected us at all.
  18. Obviously fans of any team that don't watch there team but think they know everything is the worst.
  19. Cappa

    FM 2011 Demo

    James Forrest labelled the next Davie Cooper. Thomas Muller ridiculously underrated in the technical stakes once again, I see.
  20. The Mestalla wasn't even full for the United game, IIRC, so you should get a ticket for the home end no bother. There was United fans in there a few weeks ago too so chances are you'll definitely get into the game.
  21. Shite argument. Then again, I noticed your sig so I wouldn't expect anything else! The best sides don't draw 0-0 away to the worst team in the league, do they? One off games mean nothing. The 38 games in the season mean everything and who's been on top after game 38 for the last two seasons in Spain? Barcelona. Who's went further in the UCL in the past two seasons? Barcelona. Barcelona are still better than Real Madrid. There's also no shame in drawing away in Russia, I don't know where you get that idea from.
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