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  1. Sheridan called us a new club then said we've had out best ever start on 53yrs. All in the same breath
  2. Just doing the reward stuff in coinbase and converting some of it to xrp and lumens or something
  3. aird

    Gaming TV's

    If you need a quidco account. Here's my referral code https://www.quidco.com/raf/944415/
  4. Edward should start, Gerrard will be gone at the end of the season and Aberdeen are winning 3-1 tomorrow
  5. How'd they get to retake that free kick
  6. Atleast I've got this game as both teams to score on my coupon
  7. celtic Tv on my iptv and it's glorious
  8. Iced Earth was great! King tuts is a lot smaller than i expected.
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