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  1. I'll take it if it's still available?
  2. Must be the same guy that claimed Laxalt was a quality player even though he had never heard of him until the day they signed him
  3. Celtic "vlogger" on YouTube popped up, so I thought it'd watch for the tears and seen this comment
  4. Somebody on Super scoreboard said Morelos should've been sent off for violent conduct for that
  5. aird


    Whys Hartsons head see through
  6. Pretty sure that in Scotland, assuming you are in Scotland, that you can still claim part of the will. Disinherited Children Disinherited children have a claim to a portion of their parent's estate – the entitlement is dependent on how many siblings there are. Each child is entitled to an equal share of one-third of the moveable property of the estate. This is the case whether the child is legitimate, illegitimate or formally adopted. Formally adopted children do not have any right to their natural parent’s estates.
  7. Not been on RM today abd this if the first thread I looked at...
  8. Managed to get to the CL Final with Inter pumped by Man City though. Had a disastrous 2nd half to the season and just snuck into the top 4 on the final day despite being there for the entire season. Lost Martinez for 8-9mths with damaged cruciate ligaments
  9. Started a game with Inter to try and turn them round as they have a fairly ageing squad with a few good youngsters alongside them. First transfer window was about bringing in youth: Then January was trying to sell some of the older players while they had a bit of value left also terminated the loan for Sanchez: Sorted a few deals for the summer. Main ones being Perin coming from Juve for £7.5m, Reguilon from Real on a free and the one I was surprised to actually get Chiesa from Fiorentina as he was transfer listed by request for a hefty sum of £40m potentially i
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