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  1. The Robbie Keane road show, doing his trip of Scotland before he goes home with his tail between his legs. 65k well spent eh shaun? Go on on Ewan!!
  2. **BREAKING NEWS** Keane is on his way back to spurs. He was only on loan till the end of Celtic's season.
  3. Bit harsh, the Championship perhaps? No LDV vans
  4. I like them Seen those the other day, pretty sweet man! They look like pish Donnay trainers. Can you tell me where these pish donnay trainers are so I don't have to spend 60 quid?
  5. Getting a new pair of trainers and fancy a pair of these, http://www.jdsports.co.uk/product/adidas-o...st-hills/84811/
  6. What team do u play for?

  7. and he did say if someone offered silly money like 10m in January of course you would look at it.
  8. Financial mismanagement has got the club in this mess, not the credit crunch. Continuously buying in dross then having to pay them off has got us in this mess. Selling our most valuable assets in January shows Murray is happy to settle for 2nd best. If we aren't under pressure from the banks why not wait till the summer to sell Boyd, he is not going to stop scoring so his price isn't going to drop. Some of the points by Edgar.
  9. If as Roughie says all Boyds goals are on a plate for him then why can't JCD, Novo, Lafferty, Miller score 30 goals a season? if it was so easy in the SPL as roughie makes out then Samaras and McDonald should have scored 20+ by now. Edgar coming on to tell us about his conversation with Murray next.
  10. Guy on RR put 10,000 into Rnagers in the last share issue and he said he would do it again. Shows you th love for the club some people have.
  11. The lyrics are genius. "I let her ride in my cabbie coz I didn't know her daddy was the leader of the klu klux klan"
  12. Ne-Yo ft. Joe Budden - Sexy Love Ne-Yo ft. Jay Z, Kanye, Lil' Wayne - Miss Independant remix Ne-Yo ft. Kany West - Because of You Ne-Yo ft. Tupac - So Sick Ne-Yo ft. Blazze - Nobody remix
  13. Get rich or die tryin' was simply awesome but The Massacre was also different class. Tracks like Disco Inferno, god gave me style, candy shop, so amazing, hate it or love it were brilliant tracks.
  14. Was on the news there that 50 cent was the biggest earning musician of the year. $102m he earned!! :king:
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