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  1. McGregor still number 1 but McLaughlin deserves some game time as does young McCrorie.
  2. I am 73 I started supporting Rangers when I was 10 yrs that was the first time I went to Ibrox.
  3. No you are not but that was how they were looked on. I know lots of them out here that were subjected to that style of abuse.
  4. No GK was vilified because of the colour of his skin. People on here being vilified because of their political views. Different.
  5. Yes just imagine that. It wasn't that long ago Catholics and highlanders were looked on as a sub class by those in the lowlands of Scotland. When if you were a Catholic it was difficult to get a job in some areas and highlanders were looked on as Erse speaking teuchtars, bog trotters. Job application forms had a section that asked what religion you were and it didn't matter what your experience was if you ticked the wrong box you didn't get the job. It happened out here years ago as well jobs in the police force and the public service were the domains of the protestants Catholics need not apply and if you were a freemason you were hired regardless of your experience. So the pendulum has swung the other way now its a terrible situation that should not happen in the 21st century.
  6. I have been a Rangers supporter for 63 years longer than a lot on here have been alive albeit from the other side of the World for most of it. I cannot believe some of the vitriol aimed at posters who don't happen to vote for a certain party. These people are Rangers supporters whether you like it or not and yes I read some of the media from Scotland that seek to implicate Rangers in everything evil in the World but I choose to ignore them and get on with it. I remember when Rangers had a protestant only signing policy, I also remember a certain player of ours being hounded out of the club because his wife was a catholic and don't try and tell me that was not the reason. Twisted and bitter wee men. This is the 21st century and I'll bet some of you uber protestants have not set foot in a church for many a long year. We now have Catholics, protestants, Moslems, people of different skin colours and all different nationalities they are all Rangers players and as long as they wear that shirt I will support them. The outrage on this site when Glen Kamara was racially abused by that moron last year was great but yet the same people slagging off people who vote for the SNP. Rangers as a club promote " everyone anyone" nowhere do I see except if you vote SNP. You all need to have a good look at yourselves, small minded bigots akin to the nazi's of WW2. Rant over and you can tell me to fuck off if you like. I will still be a Rangers man.
  7. How good was Steve Davis was in control that whole game spraying the right pass and then breaking up their attacks. Especially in that last fifteen minutes he was like a man possessed he must be knackered today. Ice baths all round.
  8. Thought he had a brilliant game looked like he had been there all his life. Well done young man you have put the pressure on.
  9. Watched the game on tv here in OZ. The crowd were unbelievable, noise atmosphere were out of this World. The new scum players must have wondered where the fuck have we come to, intimidated.
  10. We showed glimpses of our talent against Ross County but too many passes in and around the 18 yard box. Aribo showed how to do it with that brilliant goal. We need more people having a go or teams will just sit in against us and hope to hit us on the break.
  11. Sad news Davie was one of my heroes growing up.
  12. Two games into the season and the panic merchants our out in full force. Sack Gerrard sack half the team. Two games against Malmo yes we were poor defensively four goals that should never have happened. In the league we have lost one for the same reason poor defence. But there is a whole season to go and if we win it again who cares about a couple of lapses.. Plus we still have the Europa cup which is more our level.
  13. A few players need dropped, Goldson Tav, Kent and Arfield. Bring in Patterson, Katic . McGregor Patterson Helander Katic Davis Wright Hagi Kamara Aribo Defoe Roofe We need to change from 433 even the lowest of SPFL teams have worked that out we need to control the game in the midfield and give our strikers some service. If Goldson and others want out let them go, we need 11 players on the field who want to play.
  14. Good looking dude and a fantastic player.
  15. Got mine today. Now the proud owner of 2,000 shares in my club.
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