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  1. Defence really is the best form of attack.
  2. Our attitude from the off will decide who wins this one. Aberdeen will be out to prove a point and if the team is not ready for it mentally we run the risk of a defeat. We have the players and the speed to keep them turning around and a quick couple of goals as with Hamilton and they will crumble.
  3. can't wait its going to be great. Will be good to put faces to some of the Aussie bears on here. ********* Will be wearing name tag : Bluenose 48 Singing Songs : Lousy singer but will be trying. Will be at both weekend games. Drinking : Do bears shit in the woods?
  4. Agreed even if we have a couple of bad years but can clear the debt and get these leeches off our back it would be worth it. Rangers for ever regardless.
  5. There seems to be a majority opinion that most if not all of the mentioned youth team players should get a run during the season and I fully agree. I was hoping Walter may include all of them in the squad to tour OZ this month. This would give the youngsters a chance to play against some fairly good opposition in a doesn't matter competition. May only be three games but would certainly give them a taste for it.
  6. No mate, only Smith would deem big Lee better than him, well plus alot of numpties on here. Agreed Mendes was not bought for his goal scoring ability. When Ferguson was injured and we played Davis Mendes and Thompson in the midfield around Christmas that year we were unbelievably good to watch.
  7. REminds me of an old joke. Two Englishmen, two Welsh, two Irishmen and two Scotsmen are stranded on a desert island. With no hope of rescue they decide to start social groups, the englishmen start a Morris Dancing Society, the Welsh sart a choir, the Irish decide to start a Kerry Club and the Scots start two Caledonian Societies.
  8. McGregor Webster Boughera Wilson Edu Whittaker Davis Fleck Thomson Lafferty Miller If they're all still here. I think Davis and Fleck as attacking midfielders would be excellent, not quite so sure about Lafferty up front but he's useless either wide left or right.
  9. Have you got a crystal ball, just because someone comes on and gives a realistic opinion you say they should be ashamed to call themselves a fan what a crock of shit I want and hope more than anything else that we win the league and every other competition we enter but we aren't in the healthy of states we've lost Boyd, Novo we could lose Boogie there's also talk about Greegsy leaving they're massive players to lose we dont know how much Walter will be given to replace them so I think you should get realistic about the future and not attack fans who live in the real world because you dont.
  10. That is the key Frankie. We must find other ways of generating revenue. I'm pleased that we are going to Australia this summer and that's an area we certainly have to expand our operations as well as North America. As I said earlier we need to find a way of breaking even without Champions League money. In the past Celtic have done so. We must also do the same and never again find ourselves in the limbo we have been for the past 18 months I agree completely. Other areas of income need to be investigated. As for expanding into other areas I can only speak from my experience living in Australia.
  11. Of course we'll win the title again. Anyone on here who doesn't think we can, should be ashamed to call themselves a fan. Lets wait and see who Walter signs, I mean who actually signs not media speculation, before we start to get all negative.
  12. You could well be right and I have no objection to the Union. I do object to the view of some on this site that unless you are pro union and anti catholic you are not a real Rangers fan.
  13. I suppose you think it's a coincidence that England fans used to have Union Jacks right up until the fiasco of the scottish parliament came into being. If you want to blame anyone for the rise in English nationalism blame the Scots and the scummy labour party You used to be cool Lets be serious the average english punter couldn't give a flying fuck about Scotland, they see us as a drain on the UK economy. They definately don't think when England are playing in the WC that they are playing for the UK as a whole, they are playing for England and the english nation. Unlike some anglified scots
  14. Rangers vs Blackburn Bay 21 Row R seats 21 & 22 Rangers Vs AEK Bay 4 Row P Seats 14 & 15 Meeting at central and walking to the games sounds great idea.
  15. Got tickets for Rovers game. Rangers supporters Bay 21 row R 21&22. Will see you all there. Its going to be great.
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