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  1. Very sad news mr andy bain sadly passed away today , a great rangers man who only missed a handful of games in the last 60 or so years
  2. i remember a sheep fan running on to try and attack him almost got to the half way line before he got caught
  3. i know but surely they should be it is the league not the cup
  4. will season tickets be valid as its league matches
  5. thats great need it for the end of the month so no hurry thanks , met willie a couple of times nice guy lives in inverness now
  6. thats great have found out its number 45 ,14th june 1972 will pay u for it cheers
  7. can anyone help it is a friends 60th birthday soon , in the 70s his dad was pictured on the front of a gers news with Willie Mathieson recieving a player of the year award from the golden feathers from burnbank supporters club , i am looking for this issue to give him as a wee present as his father passed away a few years ago and this would be a wee surprise , a long shot i know but any help would be great , willing to pay for it if anyone can help cheers
  8. spoke to him recently really nice guy and still a gers man , is now a director with hamiliton accies and is a pundit on rocksport radio one night a week , where he is really good speaks well and knows what he is talking about
  9. in 2007 we played at ibrox to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 9 in a row does anyone know the opposition spl select team and the shirt numbers they wore , picked up a shirt from the game and would like too know who wore it hopefully not mcavennie or lambert
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