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  1. Addidas must be extremely proud of their sponsorship with the Taigs. Their embarrassment will get even worse when the court cases hit the news.
  2. DJ , did you find him to be a bit Nosey 😏
  3. We get three points for winning vs St Mirren. We get three points for winning against the Schum. Strongest starting 11 against St Boo please..
  4. Best wishes to all from Victoria , Canada to Bears around the world . As my late Dad would say, We arra peepul
  5. I think it is a good message to send to Alfie. He needs to get his head straight. Should be very hungry when he gets on the pitch and hopefully have the right attitude.
  6. Look at the quality of the players on the bench.. wow!
  7. Will the bold Sir Rod phone in to radio show, he has been very quiet of late, not like him :-)
  8. Fill the moat with soapy water and it would work like a charm
  9. I was just having a laugh reading Kerryfail Street. Hilarious quote on there that only us old guys will understand. They are calling there new goalie " The Greek Frank Haffey "
  10. Can you imagine the bedlam if those Scum supporters had a majority share in their rancid club
  11. As mentioned before, they don't own their training ground.. or Leggoland for that matter
  12. New nickname for Celtc defenders " THE INVISIBLES " :-))
  13. No shit Sherlock :-)))))))))))
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