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  1. I thought we were fantastic the first half. Just needing to be more decisive in the box. If Roofe had scored at the start of the 2nd it would have been a walk in the park. However, we just fell apart and stopped playing. Every time we got forward they just dithered on the box. Aribo was especially guilty of that. 2 points dropped, thank fuck the tims lost.
  2. SG mentioned in the interview this morning that some shit rhag was bad mouthing the team, especially Lundstram. I don't read news papers...and idea who is was (I assume it was one of the 2 main culprits). I thought Kent and Davis were the worst players on the pitch last night. They both kept giving the ball away and Davis passes were uncharacteristically short a lot of the time. But...you can't be great every game. Just pick ourselves up for the weekend.
  3. I think it was Ian Durrant. 1-1 Vs Hearts at Tynecastle 87-88 season.
  4. Our team has to be Shagger Tav, (hopefully) Goldson, Balogun, Borna Aribo, Davis, Kamara Wright, Morelos, Kent. Then later bring on Sakala and Roofe. But we need speed on Thursday. It's going to be counter attack football IMO.
  5. He has one of the best first touches i've seen at Ibrox in a long time. He's like the anti-Kent...as for a skillful forward, Kent has a terrible first touch! lol
  6. Big 3 points. Hard game where Saints just tried to kick fucking lumps out of us. It does really seem like Davidson has the Steve Clarke big book of tactics and it following it play by play. Fucking shitting it for midweek to see what our central defence is going to be!!
  7. Broken celtic badges at the ready!!
  8. Somebody on Twitter said she looked like a steak bake with a fringe!
  9. So far it's the same shit...different day. Fucking wankers!
  10. Patterson would have scored that. SoD is fucking gash!
  11. MarzM


    Shocking...I mean, has there ever been a team in the history of the whole world which has been affected by COVID as much as us? Lol
  12. I don't expect Jackson will fall on his sword but Gaby whateverhisfuckingname might get punted. The tweet about the prophet Muhammad is pretty fucking bad regardless of someone's feelings on Islam.
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