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  1. Hi all, I'm on a years working holiday holiday in Aus, so far it's been a right ball ache trying to catch games with travelling and the 10 hour time difference, but I'm settled in Sydney now till after new year. So does anyone know of any Rangers or Scotland pubs/ bars etc in the Sydney area so I can try catch a game? Cheers
  2. I supported the boycott , but i would never in a million years call the fans who went scabs or scum anyone who did is a fucking disgrace. They are entitled to there own choice and opinion and im sure Ally and the players would of been happy to see some support there. But since we are all getting personal, Minstral you should be embaressed and made me come to the opinion that you are a Grade A Dickhead. That is all
  3. EPL : Szczesny Subs: Friedal, Vermaelen, Gerrard, Aguero, Van Persie Sagna Kompany Vidic Evra Y.Toure Modric Nani Silva Bale Rooney La Liga: Casillas Subs: Kameni , Rami, Arda Turan, Alonso, Alvaro Negredo. (Novo is straight in as injury cover) Alves Godin Pepe Alba Iniesta Xavi Fabregas Ronaldo Ozil Messi Serie A: Buffon Subs: Stekelenburg, Cavani, Lucio, Totti, Marchisio Maicon T.Silva Chiellini Vargas Pjanic Hamsik Krasic Sneijder Elia Forlan
  4. tough shite he's not gettin a new one and i wil be glad when he is gone
  5. Are they actually for real do they have nothing better to do what a bunch of sad cunts
  6. just had a wee look on the net and manchester evening news said 200,000 - 250,000 imagine if it was a weekend
  7. When i was at magaluf last week i watched the rangers friendly at a sports pub and got into an argument about who was a bigger club with me mate whos a toon fan eventually after a few i got on to how many fans we took to the final in manchester and may hav over exaggerated at saying we took 300,000 but im pretty sure twas a lot more than 100,000. any 1 no how many of us there was there ? of hav any newspaper reports with the numbers???
  8. any1 got a link for a live stream of the fight?
  9. i'm going to be honest with you this is a stupid post to make considering the current circumstances the club is in. if it stays the way it is now players will be going out and not getting replaced. But to ansewer your question Henry, Gerrard, Messi, Vidic and Ronaldo
  10. i'm pretty sure boyd won't start but i hope i'm wrong
  11. It says on skysports news hes just landed in glasgow to sign a years loan deal after his move to schalke fell through.
  12. wud be grateful if i could get a p.m plz
  13. hope shinnie gets a chance hes a good player but we have a lot of central midfielders
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