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  1. tough shite he's not gettin a new one and i wil be glad when he is gone
  2. Are they actually for real do they have nothing better to do what a bunch of sad cunts
  3. just had a wee look on the net and manchester evening news said 200,000 - 250,000 imagine if it was a weekend
  4. When i was at magaluf last week i watched the rangers friendly at a sports pub and got into an argument about who was a bigger club with me mate whos a toon fan eventually after a few i got on to how many fans we took to the final in manchester and may hav over exaggerated at saying we took 300,000 but im pretty sure twas a lot more than 100,000. any 1 no how many of us there was there ? of hav any newspaper reports with the numbers???
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