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  1. Cracking new mural. On the list of new ones to visit when I'm next over ! Vanguard bears leading the way and defending our traditions !
  2. Once again when the Copland sang the whole ground sang UB are doing a great job though !
  3. Morton, Ayr, Ross county or Queen of the south away please.
  4. Our bus stopped in Stoke coming back from the Emirates a few years ago and all the Stoke boys were going on about how much they loved Rangers saying they had a group leave every weekend and stuff like that
  5. I always walk myself ! It's a doddle after the lines but, easily bribed stewards etc
  6. Doubled up a couple of seasons ago , people are over exaggerating the police/steward line ! Walk by fast and you'll be fine.
  7. My bus is staying, toryglen true blues
  8. Happened last time aswell mate, my wee bro got hit by a coin ! Sheep shagging bastards
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