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  1. Rutherglen Bluebell are having a race night on the 16th of April in the Fernhill Pavillion from half 7 till 12. It's £3 a ticket , contact any member of the band for one or if anyone here would like one pm me.
  2. Loved Thomson , one of my favourite players was gutted when he was sold
  3. Ness is struggling for the game on Sunday , but I agree with the OP's Team.
  4. Joke of a thread. Btw Lafferty is one of the nicest guys you can meet , met him a few times always had time for a picture , signature and a good chat actually but if he seen half the stuff so called 'fans' said I wouldn't have time either. Don't think Lafferty was the only one on the pitch either but as usual he's the scapegoat.
  5. Can see myself a belter in one of Wullie Vass' pics! Was a brilliant day Hopefully get the chance to join in again.
  6. First time I've been in witht eh two groups , absolutely brilliant ! Shattered after it , was really good today hopefully more and more people join in next time.
  7. Living the dream Good luck David ! No surrender.
  8. Mone the Bluebell Blacks parade august 2 years ago ! We'll be marching up , we'll be marching through the gallowgate
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