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  1. Went and took my 16 month old son to the Aston hotel which is five mins from our house in Dumfries to meet the Rangers players ahead of the game against Annan tomorrow, and we got a pic with Lee Mcculloch, dean shiels and fran sandaza. They where very happy to take pics and talk to us was really good.
  2. I am a season ticket holder from dumfries and am desperate for two tickets to the annan away game only 10mins from Where i stay aswell, so if anyone has spares let me know. Cheers
  3. Me and mates walk to pub in dumfries, have a beer before our bus leaves. Get to ibrox bout 1, then its chippy, bookies and pub til near kick off
  4. I will never attend another scotland game. Been goin for years to watch them but enough is enough now. Club before country for me
  5. I went to lark there for east fife game thought i could pay as normal but they said i had to have a pass, ended up parking up by asda
  6. Cant make game today so was wondering if anyone goin would be able to get me 2 programme's and will square u up with the cash would be most appreciated
  7. I bought tickets for the broomloan front thinkin that was the family section when i foned up to ask if i could change them to the broomy rear they said i couldnt
  8. If u still have ticket i will definetly buy it from u
  9. Lookin for 2 tickets aswell
  10. Lookin for 1 ticket if u have any left mate?
  11. Im in dumfries so its a bit to travel to get the ticket
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