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  1. Horrible news Leukemia is a bastard of a disease! R.I.P Manticore
  2. Terrible defender, would much rather we signed the young boy Jason Naismith
  3. Last I heard he was apparently in pre contract signing talks with Morton and it was Annan manager Jim Chapman who told me that. It was back in March but I've not heard anything since.
  4. Don't see the big deal with the Barca top tbh, looks like last seasons
  5. Graeme Rix with Jim Torbett as his assistant
  6. Lucky to stay up, that other mob could have scored in the last minute and relegated them.
  7. Hamburg have been stinking this season!
  8. Best boots I've ever had are a pair of Adidas Copa Mundial, can't go wrong with them
  9. He has holiday homes in Dunoon & at the Inverkip marina. He's often at Morton games also.
  10. Genuinely feel gutted for Liverpool, would rather they won it than City
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