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  1. Newer mind, the spelling will be better next season, surely someone gets the general idea.
  2. Purerly in sporting terms of course, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39RVS0-w-gk
  3. Sweet, Edit. should read sweet diposition
  4. Its just asking for Why Dont You COME Home to be sung.LOUD.
  5. I remember him, I put him in a piece of toilet paper and flushed him down the lavvie this morning.
  6. The one and only Rangers fans group is The Billy Boys. There are others known as handwringers,you dont hear much from them when trophies are being held aloft.
  7. Too much experience and long in the tooth for moaning, yes its hard to take sometimes, But the good times more than make up for it. I wouldnt swap my 40 odd years of Rangers for anything.
  8. Craig Brown said that you could see that Mccoist had been teaching them (rangers players). He has known Ally when Ally was a lad, so that observation is woth noting. Craig Brown can nip younger women, for that he has my respect.
  9. Wonder how much the ordinary PC gets for a Rangers V fuck off shift, £150 maybe.
  10. I bet the ordinary copper is glad of the overtime.
  11. I dont expect this to be a "football match", I think it will be a battle. Cant wait.
  12. My first memory of Coop is him scoring from a corner against Morton at Ibrox, 78 I think.
  13. At what point will the away fans get a freebie, Quarters, semis?. There was freebie in 2008 I think.
  14. Ach, just ignore them, as if they dont exist. They crave attention. After winning on Wed The Billy Boys will do fine for a giuy.
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