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  1. 25 I woulda been that day. Got home end tickets and travelled down with the doublet loyal. We were wrecked and when we got in the ground my mate said to me to keep calm don't go mental if we score. 30 odd seconds later I was going tonto and it was bedlam. Met a lot of the boys I knew in the home end that day and it was bouncing. We then went back to the doublet pub, everyone was singing and dancing on the tables and the pub had hired a singer and band to play that night. Sadly for them they were a normal band and not a flute band and they just said over the mic "I don't thi
  2. Well it gives the a qualifying slot against some.of Europe's best sides from Spain, Italy, Germany, England etc. I'm comfortable with that
  3. Same mate. One of the boys in the drums spent a grand
  4. Biggest ever imo mate. If thus wee guy leaves with q medal and trophy al be delighted
  5. I'd never waiver on that mate. Hed always stand by this
  6. My wee boy has been with is through 2012 till today. Hes had fuck all to cheer, gallant defeats, runner up, defeats to alloa after being 2 up in a tournament that gives the winner 10% extra on the next thing they pawn. I had fergie, mols, numan, gio, klos, etc etc. Hes had fuck all. This wee boy up top has given all our young team a focal point, a hero, its something we've not had since jela
  7. No mate fuck them Unless Christie has a shot they can't stop this plane imo
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