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  1. It cost us at Sparta away as well Can't believe that we've stopped it
  2. She's right into the womens side but she doesn't like them much either
  3. I wish I shared your confidence mate.
  4. Hope it's good. A loved San Andreas
  5. What about the year before crowds in and played so well in Europe? In fact our best performance came in Europe. 2 0 down to a Braga side who were flying only to win 3 2 and then go over there and guess what in front of a crowd to win. If some cunts had brains they'd be dangerous
  6. So see the games we do win v the taigs etc what's that? Then if the crowd did effect us and we are shite bags then how did we come back from 2 down?
  7. Wonder if the games in danger. That's fucking wild out there
  8. Mate I've had to turn back and decide on underground. We can't miss tonight, but I don't know how I'll get home lol
  9. Wee cow cause she squirts
  10. Ffs nearly 2 hours Fae Yoker to ruchill? Mate that's 15 mins max
  11. Just back from there was gonae get the bus. About turned and parked in work. It's gridlock
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