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  1. Tarriers after another city player on loan though theres defo no link
  2. That one is a nice top. Umbro have still produced for me our best kits over the last 15 years
  3. Are you Marvin fae the scheme?
  4. Like how we say it's inspired by our govan heritage which we all know means our fenian blood colours. It's awful though. Worst top in a long long time
  5. New Israeli boy said the atmosphere and fans left him shaking. Wait till they lose and he's given the shit biton gets for having the audicity to be a Jew. His new teams support are stinking bastards. Amazing nobody admits they support the Palastinians get from them is due to the close links between the IRA and the PLO. Fucking tramps
  6. Hammarby had a good win tonight mate. They're about on a par with malmo
  7. I mind years ago they beat dnipro I think to qualify then fucked Copenhagen last game of group stage to go through and play Bayern.
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