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  1. Hes only a moderator fwiw imho
  2. Has he ever posted anything that makes him sound remotely happy on here
  3. Putting Jesus on to a big crucifix
  4. Was amazing the other week when you posted and still is mate. Incredible. Could you make these into.prints to.sell? Would love one for.my boy?
  5. You saying the queen's a guy ya wee fake French dick?
  6. Think the other leagues down south are all 12pm kick offs on the Saturday
  7. Mate the wee man told me a stat they've no scored a legitimate goal in 2 year v us
  8. Kennedy has backed his Celts squad by telling them he thinks they are still the best team in the country. STAY FOR MOR Rangers boss Steven Gerrard hopes title success will help keep Alfredo Morelos at Ibrox He added: “I think the last game and the 60 minutes at Ibrox we showed that. “We just have to be much more clinical at the top end and not be switching off at set-play moments. “We will be fully focused on that and we will try to build our performances. “But I have full belief in the squad we have here — that on our day WE are still the best team in the country.”
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