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  1. Aye he's excellent and a nightmare for defenders
  2. Helander is absolutely different gravy
  3. RfcSevco

    Xbox Series X

    Bastard. If it was full 4k then I'd a went for it as id not mind a digital only
  4. RfcSevco

    Xbox Series X

    Is there a difference between the s and x other than the disc drive mate?
  5. FF thread on frimpong from yesterday has over 1k replies
  6. ffs. The Friday night q and a with the players was brilliant mainly because of numan. He was fucking brilliant. walking through a hotel with a flute band and down into the casino is an absolute must for anyone that goes. especially with a taig playing a slot machine at the bottom of the escalator you're going down
  7. Thursday Friday is a must imo. The Saturday not so much. We took.over a sports bar in the venetian Hotel on the first day. Full blown sash bash. Wee tidy birds on roller blades giving you yer swally. Was some state
  8. I don't know if the Bournemouth boys are good or bad. But some people.seem.to.think.that Preston are a "superb" side and that the 2 boys the taigs are linked with from.them are world beaters
  9. It was the mess Bournemouth and their directors made of keeping howe employed tbh. They boys didn't play much. But they were epl players last season. I'm.worried about Ben Davies tbqfhwy
  10. Bournemouth have just been relegated tbf.
  11. Fuck me, worrying times here
  12. How does anyone know thats defo lennon?
  13. Hes cost them more than 11 million
  14. You told us the taigs claimed it was 11million.
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