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  1. We need to accept that last season is the one win in Gerrards tenure which makes it the abnormality and not the norm. His success rate is not at levels of what expectancy is set at by most.
  2. Gascoigne's statement was short and poignant. I just hope none of this sets him back with his struggles and hopefully attending the great man's send off and being around friends helps him see the love everyone haves for him as well. Out of the dark comes light - hopefully from this darkness will come some good that will help Paul along in his life as well.
  3. Look at Hearts, resurgent and with a constant miniscule budget - but a (dick) manager who gives them the old school rattling when their fucking up. Honestly think our team see Gerrard as a pal and they can do whatever. We need a manager that fucking hammers them.
  4. All Teams need freshened up each season, think we can all agree on that. We freshen up with the equivalent of bringing in players at a level that could be pulled through from our own youth system.
  5. Think PSB makes the valid point, we can come back when under pressure and fans are most vocal. Theres other factors to consider though - are players being treated like shite with their contracts? Are they not getting on with Gerrard? We'll never find this kind of shit out until it's too late.
  6. Serious question mate - where are we getting money from in the summer if we dont win the league? From what I see - from what the board have openly said and what's went before - no success = no money. I'm not going to get into it tonight but we are still being run on a knife edge in terms of whether we can spend or not and that in itself should wake more fans up to the fact that we are still under a serious strain financially. And you don't get success without spending.
  7. Personally I don't buy it. All professional footballers want the adulation and crowds cheering them, to say they can't handle it - there'd have been signs earlier in their careers. For me it's simply down to the tactics and management. We dominate in possession but it's mostly because we don't shoot until a clear break appears. Meanwhile the scum are shooting on sight and sailing through defences -EXACTLY AS WE DID LAST SEASON......
  8. It's definitely a point to discuss mate but could be coincidence.
  9. Can we fuck off with any pish about the game tonight in Walters memory, this thread is to share discussion to honour the man, not to bring current form into any thoughts of our memories of him. Show some fucking decorum.
  10. It's surprising at how much we've regressed. Same players but the manager can't get the same performance from them. Interested to know what kind of manager Gerrard is behind closed doors, I can't imagine him destroying players when they fuck up and realistically, thats what they need.
  11. Haven't seen anyone say the league's over, all I'm seeing is people pointing out that we've been shite since the season started and there's no signs of improvement anywhere. Are they wrong?
  12. Struggling before December, never mind January, no money to spend and the scum are hitting form. Be as optimistic as you like but all signs are pointing toward us capitulating.
  13. heartbreaking. Legend doesn't do enough to describe the man. Thanks for everything Walter, go easy into the night.
  14. Sounds like you shat out from some tubby Thomas yesterday tbh
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