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  1. if your not a Rangers fan this fixtures probably been one of the best ties In europe to watch over the 2 legs for goals.
  2. unbelievable link up play. Kent was a bargain in the grand scheme of things.
  3. surprised, thought Gerrard would give Balogun a bit longer. Mon Rangers, quick goal and keep pressing.
  4. Alfies the type of guy who would wade into a burning orphange to save kids from the fire then phone a bomb threat into the special olympics the next day just for chuckles. A riddle trapped inside an enigma.
  5. "Sorry Coisty, Rafelov's out of the budget but we can get Sandaza and Ian Black instead?" "hope they like Karaoke...."
  6. confident we'll win but these fuckers dont half make us earn it.
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