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  1. Regardless of the miss, we look fucking outstanding.
  2. Might be McGregors last season unfortunately, should we now bed in McLaughlin or should we go out for a new keeper at the end of the next season or more immediately?
  3. Why anyone employs him is beyond me, he has no knowledge of football, just spouts pish about us and them, an absolute scattergun of shite. And I know certain reptiles at Clyde 1 are signed up here so feel free to steal that line you useless cunts
  4. Still a fucking joke about the attendance limits today v tomorrow.
  5. Your right it is farcical but the club's response will be that your surely there to see Rangers so the competition doesn't matter. Course it fucking does but the whole set up now is money orientated, very little is geared to appeasing fans.
  6. 😂😂😂 Is @GOAT our medical officer?
  7. Fuck is that font arsenal have used for the number on the back of a shirt? Fucking Dracula Sans or some shit
  8. McGregor hungover?? Not on his game at all today
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