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  1. There's a reason you get ripped apart in here. This re-affirms it.
  2. Anyone in management knows that you never publicly play down your team, that shit happens behind closed doors.
  3. Were shite to watch but hopefully just a slow start to the season. The real test will be against the Edinburgh cunts and the sheep shaggers.
  4. Agreed bud but was hardly tested in those games.
  5. His distribution can be great, especially in European games but I'd rather he go and we spend to get a decent attacker. There's no sight of a return to his glory days and he is one huffy wee fucker at the best of times.
  6. He's not at the level to be a second choice yet. Looks a great prospect though
  7. The win is what matters but we can't ignore the issues that are apparent in every fucking game
  8. Morelos is living off his legacy, has great link up play but is no longer an outstanding striker.
  9. Everything I've seen this half says your wrong but I applaud the positivity
  10. The proper covid passport to show glasgow bouncers
  11. You'll miss ten weeks worth regardless as you need to wait between the first and second jab.
  12. Tories In Scotland voted against the system in scotland
  13. I'm alright, my brother's double vaxxed and sending me his certificate, I can mix with the top tiers of society in all areas of the nation
  14. Jon, we were told you left due the outrageous bullying you faced?
  15. You get that their imposing nonsensical restrictions eh? Covid passports and vaccines don't stop transmission. The sensible thing would be everyone shows a negative test for entry if you must have restrictions.
  16. People siding with the essenpee on this issue is a fucking disgrace, vaccinated or not.
  17. I see Scotland are still shite. Will check in again in a few years time.
  18. Any arrests yet or is everyone still compiling evidence dossiers?
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