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  1. What a day brilliant day great share Amy on periscope the feel good factor is back worth staying up for that ! up for . Respect all those that went to the airport ?
  2. Thanks for the memories a sad day for football just one class act ..
  3. What i do understand is that any manager down south will think this club is a fantastic job We have the training facility in place , the fan base and the potential to build. His fatal mistake was bring players in from england that let him down.A striker from preston an accrington stanley player . This SFA and frog eyes have done their bit and the rest that has happened down to the cheats that arent fit for purpose . Warburton did the best he could but against all odds was never going to win.His personal flaws has his faviourites that dont perform and will cost him his job.
  4. He is from the cut throat london stock exchange world So what puzzle,s me is he better at figures than football players, Halliday for example is and never will be a Ngoe kante from chelsea he is a fan with no plan - he is why his team win League Titles. Mark talks so well but Jock Wallace did his talking on the pitch and lambasted them off it too. He has taken us with credit due to he place we should never had left due to the hatred in the sfa Let down by the faviourites he picks .
  5. I Hate Halliday as much as i hated namouchi !!! Just get him OFF
  6. The sending off to equal the numbers helped but what we seen from the midfield today pleased me most Halliday can get away with it when he has toral & hyndman He receives gives and sometimes gives it away but rarely runs forward to his credit he did ok today because of the two loan players . Kenny miller is our scottish version of teddy sheringham that,s why he deserves to stay on I Enjoyed it so much reminising back to that play off final defeat and their fans lapping it up So whos laughing now that full stadium crowd that day a one off ! no surprise
  7. He was class as a player and not only just for us and as a pundit Should be a definate to take over davie provan on sky games he is annoying to my earsand nothing to do with his playing club. Its his monotone voice .
  8. I didnt know it then but he scored versus england at hampden and i was ecstatic that day we drew What a Wan*** he really is your a disgrace to have worn a Scotland shirt ! Obviously has issues that if after losing today are so bad for him . versus rangers How pathetic
  9. I would love to see Neil Mc Cann if he ever had the inclination to try to manage a team Hope for all of us one day he chooses us . When you listen to him he knows as a player what he did and expects of others He is always rational in thinking and at the same time not scared to voice his thoughts What an ambassador for our club and for the general goodwill of the scottish game
  10. If you had a choice barrie mc kay or MOH any sensible person except ally (loans him out still cant get over that) showed his managerial level with that sole decision. He had one good run on the wing today unfortunately its not good enough but in his defence he shows up the midfield how to attack the opposition penalty box!
  11. Because he was making them two wasters looking the dross players they are . no suprise taken off he was playing well its like mc coist all over again
  12. Has Waghorn aged twenty years watching that first half ?
  13. We are even shite in friendly's same old manager faviourites tav holt halliday producing same tired cant be arsed attitudes !!
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