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  1. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by JMac_88 in Rangers commercial chief James Bisgrove aiming for off-field status of Euro heavyweights.   
    Rangers' commercial director James Bisgrove reckons the Ibrox club are on their way to emulating European giants Ajax, Borussia Dortmund and Porto.
    Gers have signed a number of new partnerships in recent months including one with Cadbury and another with Glasgow Airport. Those deals added to the 'landmark' deal with kit manufacturer Castore worth around £25million over a number of years and Bisgrove claims they are still on their way up.
    The commercial chief says Rangers have expanded their partnerships from 10 to 30 in just 18 months and has set a target of boosting them by another 10-20 per cent year by year to catch up with some Euro heavyweights.
    He told Off the Pitch: "Make no mistake, we still have a long way to go if we want to realise the club's full commercial potential, but I feel that we have executed our strategy in an effective manner and maybe a little bit quicker than we thought.
    "But there is no one at this club standing still. I would say that what you have seen lately on the pitch is reflecting what we try to achieve off the pitch as well. Firstly, we have to acknowledge the variations in the broadcasting landscape and the very big differences in these revenues.
    "If you end bottom of the table in the English Premier League you will receive around €100 million. If you end up winning the Scottish [Premiership] you would receive around €4 million.
    "I guess that tells a story about what we are up against, and it also tells us why qualifying for the Champions League is so important for us due to the revenues we could receive. But we benchmark ourselves to the top European clubs.
    "And, in the short term, I am not talking about Real Madrid and Barcelona, but perhaps the likes of Porto, Ajax and Dortmund.
    "We are not there yet – but we are on the way back as one of the biggest clubs in Europe."
  2. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by GabrielTomato in Graham Gano   
    A Rangers fan, has just broken the NFL (American Football) record for the most consecutive field goals in NFL history. 
    Bears Den you ask?
  3. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by TheKingObv in ***** The Official Rangers vs Scum Match Thread *****   
    That celtic player passing the ball out of play at the end 😂😂
  4. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by Drunk and disorderly. in ***** The Official Rangers vs Scum Match Thread *****   
    Having a goal drought by his standards. I will love it if he scores a penalty today. Preferably one that shouldn't have been awarded to noise them right up. 
  5. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by Zetland in Some Festive Cheer for a Wee Bear!   
    This is Toni, an 8 year old Bear who spent Christmas in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Govan, receiving treatment for Leukemia.  She’s been there pretty much full-time for the last 6 months. What a rotten way to spend Christmas and what a freaky way to meet Santa eh?  Poor wee lass. 
    Toni had been hoping that Santa would have maybe brought a zoom call from a couple of her favourite Rangers Stars but unfortunately the Elves completely messed up that order, and that zoom call is still at the North Pole, awaiting redelivery.
    So while she’s waiting patiently for that zoom call, we thought it would be nice in the meantime if we could bring her a little bit of festive cheer (of the Royal Blue variety) to keep her going until then.
    And what better festive cheer in times like this than a little bit of online shopping!  
    And what better online store than the Rangers Store.  They’ve even got a January sale on!! 
    So we thought it would be appropriate in the circumstances to have a modest little whipround - just enough to buy a junior shirt and maybe a pair of Christmas Socks (to put away for next year, obviously) - See below!
    and maybe even a stylish facemask! Woohoo! - Also shown below!
    So if any Bears would like to chip in a couple of quid towards that, they would be most welcome to do so - just send any donation via the normal RM Erskine Fund channels (or PM me, @Zetlandfor details).
    And here's to a better 2021 for Toni, her Family and for All the rest of us too!

  6. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by DBBTB in *****The Official Rangers v Hibs Match Thread*****   
    Boyd by the end of Sky’s coverage today 

  7. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by 6superbarry6 in *****The Official Rangers v Hibs Match Thread*****   
    Tav Goldson Helander Barisic 
          Arfield Davis Kamara 
            Aribo Roofe Kent 
  8. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by SeparateEntityMyArse in Battlers not bottlers!   
    Get fucking in there!!!!
  9. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by folkestoneger in *****Official Rangers v Motherwell Match Thread*****   
    Not a bad response from shitebags and bottlers. Some on here need to calm down and realize it’s not so easy against a team that refuses to come out their penalty box.
    Job done in the end 
  10. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by GaryMc in *****Official Rangers v Motherwell Match Thread*****   
    That's a fucking massive win and something we don't do often in these types of games!
    I hated every minute until that 3rd goal but huge 3 points!
    Onto the next one and 1 game at a time!
  11. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by Scottywellhousetb in Bottlers   
    How many of you howling at the moon fannies have actually experienced a title race, our support is pathetic online .
  12. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by SeparateEntityMyArse in Bottlers   
    They're not bottlers ffs. As shite as we were, you can't say bottlers ffs.
    But if ever a lesson needs to be learned that we're getting fuck all handed to us on a plate its tonight. 
  13. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by Malkytfp1 in Bottlers   
    League has been far from over all season yet this place has been full of Muppets declaring it over.
    On the flip side it's equally mad to call them bottlers for losing one game in over 2500 hours of football.
  14. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by TMB in Bottlers   
    Here comes the hysteria  
  15. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by RFCRobertson in ***St Mirren vs Rangers***   
    Referree is a fucking joke tonight
    that connoly cunt should be booked and that other boy should be red carded
  16. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by McEwan's Lager in ***St Mirren vs Rangers***   
    Well if he didn't swing arms at people and act like a spoiled knob he would be playing.
  17. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by born a blue nose in ***St Mirren vs Rangers***   
    That bench is ridiculous 😂
  18. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by mitre_mouldmaster in My missus just gave me this   
    Disappointed, thought it was going to be a syphilis thread. 
  19. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by GOAT in My missus just gave me this   
    Quite possibly the best present I’ve ever had tbh.  Only bad thing you could say about that is it’s a fake strip in it. 

  20. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by Bears in Anti-Competition Investigation of Hummell Kit   
    Looking forward to them announcing:
    We're investigating suspected anti-competitive behaviour regarding the connections of the Board at celtc football club and their sympathisers regarding the targeted financial undermining and regulatory persecution of their only real competitor Rangers Football Club before and during 2012, leading to the latter's placement in the fourth tier and the former having a free run at the Champions League for a decade and still making a pig's ear of it.
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