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  1. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by mitre_mouldmaster in ***Raith Rovers v Rangers match thread***   
    Honestly think that he has had a decent game. Not MoM, but a good solid game none the less.
  2. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by RFC55 in **** Rangers vs Clyde (KO 7:35pm) ****   
    Lovely goal again.
    Look it might be clyde but this team have got it stinking from all of us for 3 games now. I think at times we should learn to praise them when they play well. We are far too many and critical IMO.
    We've done all we could in this match and scored some great goals. It's a lot more like it and maybe just exactly what's required
  3. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by GabrielTomato in ***Official NFL Thread***   
    Come on the 49ers.
  4. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by Cos88 in ***The Official Airdrieonians vs Rangers Match Thread***   
    Ian Black had Rangers -5
  5. gordo7 liked a post in a topic by Misteral in ***The Official Queen's Park v Rangers Thread***   
    Plenty of moaners and groaners here today but we won't win every game in a canter. Not the best performance of the season (though not the worst either) but three points, a clean sheet and TBB at the end. That will do me, at the end of the day.
  6. delparlane liked a post in a topic by gordo7 in ***the Official N F L 11/12 Season Thread***   
    Good start for the 49'ers. The additions of Manningham and Moss could prove to be shrewd signings, and added to Crabtree and Davis, our group of receivers is a lot better than in previous years. The one person I'm still unsure about is Alex Smith, although he has made a solid start to the season.
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