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  1. Needs to be the man between the sticks now, this constant swapping out that Gerrard did wasn't helping the defense any.
  2. Katic we can, i'm almost certain it was mentioned at the time the deal was done.
  3. Stopping to pick up his new assistant Charlie Adam en-route?
  4. If it's a choice between managerless for an extra week or make a rushed appointment and get it wrong then the board are absolutely doing the right thing. Any abuse that comes their way for that is misplaced.
  5. You're massively over simplifying it. If we can't do the deal for his backroom team what's to say he would sign? Why would he risk signing up to the job only for the deal for his team to collapse?
  6. I would think they have clarified the plan in house to those who need to know, for who'll be taking charge if nobody is in place for the weekend. They won't announce anything publicly until they know for sure Gio won't be in place by then.
  7. This is torturous, we all know its happening, but I just want to know it's happened.
  8. Can't imagine anything is going to be announced today if they've felt the need to put out a statement. Its telling though that why haven't named an interim head coach, just a group to take training. They obviously anticipate having it tied up before the weekend game.
  9. Need a balance of guys GVB trusts and club appointments that aren't going to jump ship when Gio moves on leaving us in the situation we are in now with no coaches.
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