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  1. All the best to the boy but isn't really of any great relevance to us anymore.
  2. No trying about it, the video is out there, see it this morning. Disgusting human being
  3. You know celtic have fucked up when Chris Suttons giving then a hard time.
  4. Can't take him seriously watching him struggle with that mask😂
  5. I'd genuinely forgotten all about him.
  6. Their situation was nothing like Celtics current situation though.
  7. Goldson made an arse of that, had to stay on his feet.
  8. Jack won't still be playing in 2031, he's already fucked with injuries.
  9. He isn't, at all. He's a big athletic guy who can dominate the average SPFL striker through his size/pace. Against a remotely capable striker he's an absolute diddy.
  10. Is that right, I hadn't noticed that and the not surprised but that's pretty fucking disgusting.
  11. Some bounce they've had under him, hopefully continues through January.
  12. John is at it, deluded doesn't do it justice.
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