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  1. Hopefully gets a start on Thursday, think Morelos needs benched for the time being.
  2. Wilshire released from contract.....think I'd take a punt.
  3. Him retiring from international duty would be great for us.
  4. There were still some saying it halfway through the 1st half.
  5. Would probably rest Helandar given he had to play the 90 yesterday instead of the scheduled well earned rest. Aside from that and the enforced midfield changes, don't want to see too many alterations.
  6. Oh I agree at times he was his own worst enemy. But like you say he's cut the crap almost entirely, but is still treated appallingly and prejudged every time he steps on the pitch. He will continue to be refereed to an entirely different set of rules/standards from the rest of the league until the day he departs.
  7. Brings it on himself.... Reputation precedes him.... Only himself to blame... Beggers belief the shit spoken about him.
  8. Glad to hear it. Anyone carrying a wee knock should be taken off at half time then, so we won't have to use our last window too early in 2nd half.
  9. Aye but you only get the stoppages to make them, we've used two. So if we make one at half time that's us.
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