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  1. Quite like it to be honest, looks like I'm very much in the minority.
  2. The bet didn't come up though, it was a draw
  3. All the tech on the planet these days but "leaked" photos always look like they were taken on a Nokia 3310
  4. Hardly a soul had heard of Kinnear until that incident.
  5. I forgot they have that Oriol Busquets and couldn't believe Sergio Busquets was only on £45k
  6. @rabc10000 will donate when I get paid tomorrow mate, horrible what you're having to put up with. I run a builders merchant, and would gladly donate what building materials we can if it helps make your house more of a home for your girl, let me know if there's anything we could help with.
  7. You may not want to admit it but they are not comparable situations, and can't possibly be condemned in the same way. Had the gathering gone off peacefully, we wouldn't have this situation, but alas the small minority brought the condemnation on us. Didn't see anything on the news last night about pro palestine protestors launching bottles/barriers at the police.
  8. Pandemic, they're not allowed on pitch or to handle trophy, they would be coming into our bubble🏆
  9. If Man U made him available on loan, there are plenty of teams down south who would cover his full salary.
  10. You know fine well why it wouldn't happen. Can rule out a transfer, his market value is over twice what we paid for Kent, probably over three times, conservatively. Can rule out a loan, his salary is over £2,500,000.
  11. Daniel James😂😂😂
  12. Can't play as far as I'm aware as he was registered with QOTS at the close of the last transfer window.
  13. Why is this a necessity?
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