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  1. 1 year extension is sensible. Will need better if we move Helander or Goldson on but him staying provides continuity of a defence which has been fantastic all season.
  2. Hard to take much from the video given the level he's playing at, if a trial was possible I'd be more comfortable with this but don't think in the current circumstances trials would be allowed.
  3. Think we all want to see Wright again but with two goals it's hard to justify benching Roofe.
  4. More direct than I thought he might be, I like the look of the lad.
  5. Fleck bot getting a start is baffling but Armstrong is a far better player than Kenny McLean.
  6. I agree Goram is no 1, but to say McGregor is"nowhere near" is nonsense.
  7. It's been widely covered that Helander was carrying a knock, surely that's your "rhyme or reason" right there.
  8. Aye I was having a game of spot the ball to, could not figure out where it had went, not a part of me though it was in his hand.
  9. Given the run around in the first half but didn't let if get to him, knew the boy had the beating of him but didn't give up and grew into the game the second half. Fantastic attitude from the boy, has the mentality required to do well.
  10. A better save than the Bremen one! Unbelievable!
  11. Didn't know Prince Harry was Northern Ireland's most capped player ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. I think we all know the answer to that๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. Wouldn't be as far fetched as most of the names getting banded about. Don't know much about his managerial philosophy/style.
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