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  1. Tbh id rather give Citeh £££ and sign Dzeko over Lukaku, Benteke for the reported £32m could buy you Lacazette or for a £35M could buy you Benzema. More value outside the epl
  2. I didnt want Boyd coming back I think at the time I posted I wouldnt celebrate any goals he'd go onto score for us...I havent had many to not celebrate
  3. Simeone signed a new deal also says he turned down both shitty and psgay
  4. Tbh if they re-signed then the fans would welcome them back...much like what happened with Boyd- he left fans hated him then he came back and it was all yay Boyd
  5. Only positive was our fans...team are full of imposters not a decent player among them.
  6. FMJ beats Pac, Pac beats Khan, Khan would give FMJ a harder fight than Pac would and Khan would school Brook as hes far too fast.
  7. So potentially a new owner (good news) Ally being incharge til Jan (bad news). Cheers for sharing
  8. Hopefully a bit of clarity tommorow, and hopefully not Terry Butcher getting appointed!
  9. What a load of cobblers!!! Ive been watching Sky Sports News for the last 2 mins and nothings come up about it... Edit: just say the bit at the bottom saying it
  10. Arsenal should have went for Falcao as usual tho they went for the cheaper option in Welbeck even though I think he will do well for them...Man U have over taken Arsenal imo, can see Man U finish second or third now
  11. Brilliant player and excellent signing imo, Bayern on paper have a great squad
  12. Whats the chances of them meeting in the EL? Hopefully they get the chance to embarass them again!
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