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  1. I didnt want Boyd coming back I think at the time I posted I wouldnt celebrate any goals he'd go onto score for us...I havent had many to not celebrate
  2. Simeone signed a new deal also says he turned down both shitty and psgay
  3. Tbh if they re-signed then the fans would welcome them back...much like what happened with Boyd- he left fans hated him then he came back and it was all yay Boyd
  4. Only positive was our fans...team are full of imposters not a decent player among them.
  5. So potentially a new owner (good news) Ally being incharge til Jan (bad news). Cheers for sharing
  6. Hopefully a bit of clarity tommorow, and hopefully not Terry Butcher getting appointed!
  7. What a load of cobblers!!! Ive been watching Sky Sports News for the last 2 mins and nothings come up about it... Edit: just say the bit at the bottom saying it
  8. Should be made captain imo. Fantastic attitude, loyal to the club is an excellent player when on form. Hopefully stays with us for the rest of his carreer
  9. Sad to see him in this state but theres no helping some people. He needs some tough love someone like Walter to grab him by the scruff of the neck and lock him into a room until he dries out!
  10. How rich is Mike Ashley? Richie Rich rich? Richer?
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