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  1. Loved it, it made me a fan of the game. I went to my first game not knowing much if anything about it and still enjoyed it although the experience was way more enjoyable when I learned more about the game. I went to a game with around 9 other British lads and all said they enjoyed it and stayed till the end. At least 1 or 2 of them now are more interested and will watch it as a fan now. I’d probably agree with seeing much more on the tv but the large screens in most stadiums I have been no longer make that an issue. Even if you can’t see the large screens from your seat smaller TVs
  2. Id tend to agree that the old school venues should be kept. But can’t help get lost in the scale and design of these new indoor stadiums. Have you been to any ? The colts stadium from the outside doesn’t look like much compared to what it’s like inside. id like to visit lambeau field. Heinz field was impressive for an outside stadium.
  3. Decent game on TNF. Body clock is shot to fuck, just got back from 2 month trip in the states. Caught 2 Indiana colts games and Tennessee Titans game vs the bucs on Sunday as well as a pacers game and the usyk fight in Chicago. colts stadium was impressive still not as good as the AT&T stadium though.
  4. Meant to be hard cunts 🤣 The jam rolls Singing fitbaw songs to the tune of auld lang syne ffs
  5. Do I need to dig out the mouth and ball guard for the away leg? 💪🏻👊🏻
  6. What date is the away tie if we make it ? Do we know yet ?
  7. Got tickets for the colonial country club tomorrow in Dallas Fort Worth after an unexpected day off 😃
  8. I agree what I mean is when the IRA are walking our streets like 2 weeks ago. We tried to be civil but it’s falling on deaf ears while we are being attacked. Fuck the soft approach. It’s been done before on a few occasions.
  9. The gloves are off The next time these taigs are walking our street we need to be more calculated. Congregating in site of the cops allowing them to pen us in is no use after this.
  10. If they lose customers over this it won’t be because of the tarriers and More than likely down to the fact they locked the lads outside whilst they where outnumbered.
  11. It will Be those fenian bastards from the tall cranes
  12. 😂 fair enough porters/doctor/surgeons/nurse all the same to me. Obviously they aren’t but that’s the story I’ve heard
  13. This will be hard to believe but I’ve heard that apparently the Tim on Tim attack that resulted in slashing the guy got an infection in the leg in the hospital which is of course sad but what is even worse is the porters cut off the wrong leg 🤦🏻‍♂️
  14. This....sat with Dennis in January. Great guy and put on both the boxing on one screen and the UFC on another for me while they where both on at around the same time. He owns the Irish bar next door as well. Theres also a few other Irish “themed” “named” bars around and the one at the airport that are actually run by a lad from Belfast that favour the blue/Protestant side that will show the game no doubt.
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