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  1. When driving out my gaffers driveway in the works van I clipped the wall scraped the side of the van and knocked half his wall down, naebody saw it and kept driving. Someone else got the blame and I denied all knowledge hehe
  2. lets hope this part isny repeated in the coming weeks
  3. thats the one cheers guys....another new one for the wee man to add to his song sheet haha
  4. sandy, sandy, sandy in royal blue we'r all crazy over the love of you ??????????????????????????????? when we fucked the glasgow celtic you look so sweet with the ball at your feet ???????????????????????????? av forgot the words when singing it tae the wee fella the day n its been doin ma head in. any old skool out there fill in the blanks ?
  5. sexysixtynine ???? your viewing alot of these topics. You got anything to add or are your tickets ricky lake anawl ?
  6. thanks for that offer mate i'll keep that in mind.....i'll wait to see how the public sales get on
  7. he answered his phone earlier at 5.00 cos i asked him tae send me a picture of the tickets by e-mail, the wee dick told me tae phone him back in an hour an a half.
  8. good to see wee wallace win a ball he should never have won against that big daft cunt mjalby and again against boyd fucking great signing rod the prod was............gotta be won of the best deals rangers have ever done signing him
  9. Did u ever see his acting in public enemies his yank accent wis fuckin cringeworthy
  10. fucking great film with an even better ending joke
  11. cool.............great to see you guys providing the malaria net and taking health and safety into consideration
  12. correct mate should never allow these pitches in european competition
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