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  1. Dumbarton train at the bends on fridays, get yourself down they’re for about 7:30pm I see him down they’re every week. My sons teams trains in the session before dumbartons.
  2. I don’t disagree with that, but RJ and GD are still decent holding midfielders. And RM can still strengthen our defence.
  3. Walter criticised for a 0-0 draw against a Barcelona team with messi and Henry as strikers. rodgers and tarriers get praised for a disasterous champions league campaign that included a 7-1 pumping ??‍♂️
  4. Mccrorie @ CH when dorrans and jack get back to fitness.
  5. Forgot about last seasons result, made an arse of that ??‍♂️
  6. Edit: made an arse of it ??‍♂️
  7. Cheers, TBH I forgot about this and had a brainwave tonight about going. I don’t know anybody else yet that’s going yet but it’s likely someone I know will. I know a lad that owns a villa out there and he’s a good bear as well but his family are always over so that option might not be available. if all else fails and a good hotel isn’t to expensive I’ll go myself and take in some golf etc as well as the obligatory sash bash before I knock my pan in, in the Texas heat for a few weeks.
  8. Thinking about taking this in before I head to Texas for work in January. Never been to Florida, what hotels and location is best option ? Not done much homework on this yet
  9. Scrapping with the disgruntled locals on Cowdenbeath main st on a wet Thursday night cause they disapproved of our Union Jack.
  10. Boys got a great future. Good footballing CH. Could probably do a job as sitting CM if needed on the odd occasion. Can step out of defence with the ball at his feet and release the ball at the right time.
  11. the previous board couldnt even get us out the championship....wtf do you want ? until a billionaire takes over (which aint gonna happen) we are all gonna need to suck it up.
  12. The free kick we conceded a deflected goal to against Bayern Munich to make it 1-1 against a great Bayern side
  13. Nice wee tune, On the subject of songs ! I wish to fuck we could get back to singing build my gallows the way we did years ago. Why the fuck do we now clap so fast for it to drown out after a couple of minutes ? I remember in the night in strum Graz we sang it for about 45 minutes and the home crowd where amazed. We often did around about that time, what the fuck !
  14. I don't entirely disagree with what you are saying. But I think miller is the better option for now until he settles in or risk wasting the money paid for him by playing him when he's not ready and fucking up his confidence.
  15. Expecting a 21 year old Colombian to hit the ground running in Scotland is stupid. The same people complaining he's not starting will be the first to shoot him down after a goalless 3/4 games and that's not gonna do him any good. Ease him in till he's ready and the pressure is off and in the meantime let kenny do what he's doing.
  16. looos like most of the posters on that forum have they're noses out of joint after watching a real support in action for 90 min.
  17. Brilliant "all about he rangers" ? Terry butcher showing himself up at the end again.
  18. How long has the club been going ? Was in D.C 2 years ago and wasn't aware they had a club then. Had a few drinks in a bar in Georgetown just near the canal after watching D.C Utd play against N.Y in the pissing rain.
  19. Think I'll chance my luck tomorrow as well, anyone know if any the pubs round the stadium will be showing the game in case I don't get one ?
  20. What if he gets an offer from Birmingham for say £15k PW just now though ? As far as I'm led to believe that could be an option for him and you can't blame him for taking it.
  21. Are the shelves empty mate ? I'm planning on taking kids into the store in an hour is so but don't want to let them down if the stores empty
  22. I worked in cork down at bantry for 2 years travelling back and fourth on/off rotation. Whilst I agree with your post there will defo be a minority of rabid tarriers that will jump on the bandwagon should we draw against team from behind enemy lines.
  23. I agree, but I can see the point if they don't have a father figure to guide them in right direction. But to have it turn full circle compared to when I was at school I only had 1 tarrier in my class growing up at a non-denominational school is not right. I have thought about it..... Do you think it's maybe to do with parents not arsed about taking they're kids to a school and not caring as much about what the school preaches/doesn't preach ? unlike in my days in most cases you where a tarrier or Protestant and therefore you went to the relevant school. In which case tha
  24. My wee boy is the only bear in his class, few of them turned judas this season as well. And no it's not a tarrier school.
  25. I'm sure it was pittodrie he was puntingballs into the press box trying to hit fat Gerry
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