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  1. Can remember I was 12-13 playing football in winds that seemed to be around the 100 mph mark. Taking goal kicks and them not even getting out the 18 yard box Was amazing when the wind was behind you though, could basically shoot when you had the ball in hand hahaha
  2. He reminds me of what Bougherra is like for us now. Both similar players I think.
  3. Don't worry I feel the same haha It's just a little excuse for a GIP thread in the design section

    Megan Fox

    Was fannying about in photoshop and came up with this. It's just standard but just thought I'd give people a swatch of her arse. I cut it in about 10 secs which is why her hair and that is fucked Edit: Tinypic decided to remove it right away.
  5. WAW was garbage I never played the online on it as I never got that far because the campaign was shite!! Rented it out of blockbuster when it first came out, played it for about 5 hours hoping it would get better but it was getting worse. So took it back and got something else. Easily the worst COD I have ever played.
  6. I think Stark thought we would walk this game so didn't think to call the likes of Fleck up. I can see them playing in the away against Belarus.
  7. Couldn't tell you as I have a M3, don't know if they are even still making them
  8. What was the difference with that and that romanian pub team this season? That Romanian pub team is so bad they took points from Stuttgart and Sevilla too. They are far better than Kaunus. Yes they did but they never pumped Sevilla or Stuttgart 4-1 away...
  9. Didn't cost us a shed load of money? Money from winning in champs league, took away the chance of reaching the last 16 and gaining more riches from that..think it cost us a few bob. Also for being disrespectful..they were/are rank rotten.
  10. What was the difference with that and that romanian pub team this season?
  11. Another epic l.mcg fishing thread
  12. So what you're saying is... Bob Malcolm>>>>>>>>>>>Paul Gascoigne. And before people say Gazza is one of us... yes, he is, now, not before he signed. Can't even be arsed wasting time on this as you are just being a smart arse. If Malcolm=Gascoigne then I would say Malcolm>>>>>>>>Gascoigne.
  13. You can't compare as we seen Klos in his prime and I still don't think McGregor is in his yet. I'd go for McGregor though as he is one of us, knows how much the Rangers means to us. Klos was great but I think shagger just edges it for me. Can't remember what old firm it was but I'll never forget that horror show Klos gave in one of them yet McGregor always looks solid in the big games.
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