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  1. Superb words from Jim White on Sky Sports News, RIP Sandy!
  2. I've said it before & I'll say it again, the UB & GB are nothing more than little spotty 14 year olds pricks from east kilbride acting like eastern european ultras...I wouldn't take notice or offence to anything they sing or do!
  3. Hope him & his glorious hair have a wonderful day!
  4. Yeah they may have millions upon millions of fans worldwide, but I think the 70 thousand that travel up from Londay every other saturday deserves a special mention also!
  5. A big cunt in my local is always involved in fights at the weekend, shall I give him a bell?
  6. He should wear a suit, shirt, tie & a top hat! The Rangers way.
  7. Incredible achievement, especially considering he done it from big Sasa's back pocket.
  8. I think him being in gambling debt to some glasgow "heavys" pushed him out the door a little bit also.
  9. Anyone who thinks he was being serious is the fucking idiot here, not Barton!
  10. We'll be running around tottenham with our willys hanging out...singing I've got a foreskin haven't you? Facking jewwww! Love the hammers!
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