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  1. StuPollock was a fucking wizard with some vinyl at his fingertips back in the day!
  2. Anyone up for some action?
  3. It won't let me add you Braggy, It's saying you have to many friends, Any RM up for some games tonight? Am dying to make my debut!
  4. Did u get the PM i sent you Braggy?
  5. Rumour has it he layed out both Essien & Micah Richards out at the same time a months ago.
  6. Barcelona 0 - 0 Zaragoza - 30 minutes gone, Barcelona just had an offside goal chopped off, Decent game so far... Also its quite funny watching Jiri Jarosik playing against the likes of Messi & co, This is a man i once met playing golf down Knightswood golf course
  7. You're dead to me, Traitor scum!!!!
  8. Hi Liam, My name is Thomas, What position you play brosif? Have you had any major Injurys in the last 5 years?
  9. You must be fucking excellent to join though, Also Papa if you're reading this, We need you bro!
  10. Gutted to see that Kenny Miller after rejecting my 20 odd grand contract renewal has just signed for motherwell, Getting payed 4.1 grand PW, Just shows you he's not all about the money.
  11. First Team Squad Tactics League Table lol Previous 10+ Fixtures Signings Powerful, Fast & strong, On a seasons long loan for Man Utd. Signed this wee cracking CM for just 625k, Perfect replacement for Davis/Fleck should Juventus/United/Arsenal make a good offer. Basically signed this player blind, Didn't even scout any of his matches so i have yet to see him actually play a game, If he plays like his stats show then he will be a good bargain at only 190k. Doubt i am the only one to have signed the wee man, Only signed him in January & with Jela & Kenny on form he is yet to
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