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  1. If a player goes down "injured" anywhere outside the penalty box, play continues while the physio treats them like in rugby. The only thing I can see being a problem is if it's centrally RIGHT outside the box. But if it could be done right it could effectively stop diving as no advantage would be gained from going down.
  2. It's too late now for us to play a high pressing, possession based game. can you imagine the thought of Mohsni, Zaliuskas or god forbid Lee McCulloch pushed up at the halfway line with opposition striker running at them? Our team is so broken and uncomplimentary to eachother it's mad. We have defenders that are, bar Wallace, suited to sitting deep and playing long, which doesn't suit our midfielders like Law, Black (atleast they seemed to be capable of it at their former teams), Macleod who seem suited to a shorter, more patient passing game keeping the ball, which doesn't suit wingers like te
  3. The only thing that I can predict about the game is the level of absolute carnage on this forum if we lose. Is mohsni back? That would make a prediction easier
  4. It's at a point now where I'm almost not even bothered when teams score against us now, struggling to have any interest in games when we play like we do. Missed a massive, MASSIVE chance to rebuild this club from the ground up after we were put in SFL3, just like hearts have openly came out and said they're doing now. Buy and develop talent and then sell it on for profit. Instead we've just turned to 30 year old SPL players with no desire and hunger to win that just seem happy to get their 10k a week from us. Not a single player who has signed for us has improved under McCoists management and
  5. It doesn't matter if you can run 1 mile or 10 in a football game if you're going at the one speed (which is SLOWLY in Jigs case) the entire time. Being fit means a lot less these days than being fast. Also Mohsni is enough of a liability as it is never mind having 2 of him in our defence!
  6. McCoist told the brora owner when they were up for the training camp that Jigs pace has completely gone and so he'll be used in midfield this season.
  7. Barcelona have been scoring goals like that consistently for about 5 years now!
  8. I really liked it actually, Why not just sing.. ''We are the billy boys, you'll know us by our noise, Hulloooooo, Hullooooo''
  9. He's the most exciting player we have (along with templeton) and was really impressed with him yesterday, tidy passing and was the only player making runs beyond the strikers! Everyone needs to remember though he's 19 and will have matches where he'll dissapear and not make much of an impact and not get on his back.
  10. Had a steady game today, didn't do anything too impressive and 9/10 all he ended up doing was playing a 10 yard ball to crawford, although that was as much due to a lack of options being made from midfield and strikers. I'm all for giving youngsters a chance and hope he can kick on and progress, would like to see him trying to overlap and hit the byline more often though.
  11. Not surprised at all, everyone talks about how it's their goal to stay up but surely they have ambitions to push on, and finishing 11-14th 5 years in a row doesn't signal much progress. Also worth pointing out that Stoke are the 3rd biggest net spenders in the premiership over the past 5 seasons, only city and chelsea have spent more than them. The 3rd biggest net spenders in the prem should be getting more than bottom half finishes.
  12. Just read in an article: "senior players privately voiced their annoyance with Mancini’s training methods and obsession with working on minor details of defending" Imagine turning the fact he put a lot of work into trying to improve their defending into a negative!
  13. As an overall footballer there's not been very many better. Obviously better goal scorers, tacklers etc but his touch, passing, awareness, movement and shooting are up there with anyone that's ever played football. Just have to read what the best players in the world think of him to see just how good he is/was
  14. What's the best site/s to start playing poker online?(texas hold em) I know all the rules etc and have some experience playing with pals but wanting to start playing online. Not looking to make a lot of money, infact I'll be lucky to make a profit but I enjoy it so doing it more for fun and enjoyment(although I'd enjoy it more making money haha). Also any sites with strategy/tips etc or even books would be helpful too
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