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  1. There is no way they can play this open against us is there? Our players will cut them open at will.
  2. Don't care if Madrid left a few at home the confidence we gain from beating them will be fantastic. Can you imagine the swagger of our players walking into training tomorrow. We are even better prepared for this season than last. Meanwhile that lot are delusional about their new manager. Can you imagine the backlash if they are 5 points behind after a few games. Fingers crossed.
  3. Bit bored of the euros already as northern ireland aren't playing so I just look out for the big matches. The release of the fixture list means we are getting close to the real football starting again. Its funny the confidence we now have in the team means the fixture list doesn't look as daunting as last year.
  4. Every agent/team know they are desperate for players so will add on a few extra thousand to both the transfer fee and the players wages.
  5. i hope Scotland get hammered. Leigh griffiths social media reaction to Kyle lafferty crying after Northern Ireland went out in the play offs and then he was backed up by the famous tartan army isn't forgotten. Oh and Steve Clarke is a Rangers hating prick. I hope England embarrass them.
  6. Class videos-makes you proud to be a Rangers supporter. Enjoy your day tomorrow folks-sing loud and proud. Please take a load or videos and photos and pop them on here for those of us in NI and elsewhere who can't make it over so we can feel part of it.
  7. Typical bloody arsenal. They missed so many chances.
  8. Just watched football focus on the BBC about tomorrows match-according to them its all down to celtic falling apart is the reason we won the league this season. You would think celtic had fallen apart and lost 10 games the way they talk. Its so biased
  9. Still gutted after last night. I really thought we had a good chance but were beaten by a decent side. I must be naive but last night again proves the absolute hatred some celtic fans have for our team-so much so they think the Kamara incident is funny or use whataboutery. Some of the comments should be put up on the walls of the changing room on sunday-our team would go out and batter them lot.
  10. Gutted about this but definitely beaten by a better team. Very proud of how far we have come over the last couple of seasons. Funny how the opposition supporters have dusted down social media again to laugh. I suppose they only have a short period to use it before the bounce game on Sunday which is their cup final. This is the highlight of celtics season.
  11. Would love to see defoe get a run out. This match is made for him.
  12. That song brings back so many amazing memories. What a party it will be when we finally get it over the line.
  13. Yeap would love yo see itten get a chance from the start. He has usually impressed when he comes on. Wouldn't mind zungu getting a go as well. Give a midfielder a break.
  14. I'm sure it vas been mentioned on here before but if any celtic supporter ever talks about the abuse the Lurgan bigot ever received from our support just remind them about the last few weeks....the abuse he gets is constant. Hypocrisy
  15. Maginess was asked to leave Bangor fc centenary dinner for being drunk and abusing guest speakers a few years ago.
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