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  1. Still seats available folks. Just drop us an email to thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com Moses McNeil's final resting place at Rosneath. There's an incredible connection with the McNeil family and Belmore House. Here's the story from our website. http://blog.thegalla...s=Belmore House
  2. Still seats available folks. Just drop us an email to thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com Moses McNeil's final resting place at Rosneath.
  3. Still seats available folks. Just drop us an email to thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com Here's the Dining Room of Tom Vallance's Club Restaurant, now the Viceroy Bar at Paisley Road Toll.
  4. Join us on a journey of discovery back to 1872 when The Rangers were just the dream of a group of young kids who gathered on Fleshers Haugh. They had no ball, no football kit and used a bush on the Green as a changing room. Their Club, which they nurtured, was to become the world's most successful and it all happened on the streets of Glasgow. Our journey takes us to the area of Fleshers Haugh where The Rangers played their first ever match, we also visit Glassford Street, Union Street, Berkeley Street, Burnbank, Kinning Park, Craigton Cemetery and many other places of interest before finishi
  5. As we continue to promote and celebrate the lives of our Founders we’re delighted to announce a guided bus tour into ‘ Founders Country’.We ran our first ever Founders Trail to Garelochhead and Rosneath in March, and it was a huge success. As we make our way from Glasgow to the Gareloch we’ll also visit the final resting place of Tom Vallance. The Tour will depart from Ibrox Stadium on Sunday 27th October at 11am. The Tour itinerary is as follows : 11.00 Depart Ibrox Stadium. 11.30 Hillfoot Cemetery Bearsden. Final resting place of Tom Vallance. 12.00 Depart Hillfoot Cemetery. On route to Gare
  6. It was an honour to spend yesterday with you and your family. Please pass on our regards and best wishes to your Dad.
  7. When Davie Wilson stepped forward at the bottom of the Marble Staircase and offered his hand, the look on the Gentleman's face shot one of those chills straight up the spine that can't be put into words. It's Rangers .
  8. Just over a month ago we received a phone call from a Gentleman requesting 4 seats on the Founders Trail on Sunday 25th August. Within three days he'd rung back and was looking for 5, then 6 seats, he eventually settled on 7. '' It's a family day outing, i'm bringing them all '' he explained. The following day we received another phone call from his daughter who explained that it was her Dad whom i'd been chatting to. She went on to tell us that he'd been tragically diagnosed with terminal cancer. She said '' He's a huge Rangers fan and has drawn up a wish list of things he'd love to do , on
  9. This Sunday we will once again be taking to the streets of Glasgow to celebrate our Founders with another bus filled to capacity. Would all who have booked please note that there will be a Founders Trail welcome desk available within the Ibrox Megastore from 11.15 prior to our 12pm departure from outside of the store. We will also give you as part of your travel packs, a voucher which entitles you to a 10% discount on any full priced item within the Megastore on Sunday. All travel details and future tour dates are here on our website. http://www.thegallantpioneers.co.uk/...Tour-2013.html
  10. These seats have been taken and the Tour is now sold out. Thanks once again everyone. The next Tour is on Sunday 29th September.
  11. Still 4 seats available for next Sunday's Tour folks. thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com
  12. Last 6 seats going for next Sunday's Tour folks ! thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com All aboard !
  13. Thanks to all who booked seats last night. Still a few places remaining folks. thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com
  14. Still a few seats left for the Founders Trail and Ibrox Stadium Tour a week on Sunday 25th August. Just drop us an email to secure your seats. thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com
  15. Seats still available folks. thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com In 1887 the Rangers required funds to help with the move from Kinning Park to Ibrox. So the lads who had formed and nurtured their Club organised this concert as a way of raising cash. This certainly puts into perspective what's going on at our Club today .
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